10 Minimalist Bedroom Examples for Men

Is less really more? When decorating your bedroom, sometimes the best designs are the simplest. A minimalist bedroom can be warm and comfortable yet still retain a cool, masculine energy.

Let’s take a look at how to create a great minimalist bedroom

1. Eliminate the Excess

By definition, minimalism doesn’t include any extras. So you’re going to need to get rid of unwanted and unused items.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to throw away everything. We’ll show you some great storage tricks later on.

For now, you just want to toss away all the clutter. The rule of thumb here is if you haven’t used or thought about the item in the past six months, you can probably let it go.

2. Edit, Don’t Eliminate

Minimalism isn’t about stripping down your bedroom to as few pieces of furniture as possible. Instead, you’re simply looking to edit. This doesn’t mean turning your room into a bare prison cell with a bare bulb hanging over a single mattress.

Instead, minimalism is about creating a space where every object has a purpose. Desk lamps light up a workspace. Your clock can be viewed in any lighting condition. The main idea is to have no useless or underused items.

3. Use Neutral Colors


Stick to neutral colors for bed sheets, comforters and other large linens. Too many bold colors and outrageous patterns will really spoil the minimalist vibe. Beiges, whites, gray and blacks are good choices.

When your bedroom’s overall color scheme is simple even just a small splash of color can make a big impact. A bright rug or blanket can liven up a room without overpowering the minimalist vibe.

4. Choose a Frame-Less Bed

Big headboards and elaborate bed canopies are out. Simple bed frames help add to a minimalist feel. You have several options here including metal bed frames, box springs and platform beds.

Your bed will be the biggest focal point. When you’re designing with minimalism in mind, you don’t want to add anything to emphasize the bed’s size. A headboard will usually look overbearing.

5. Emphasize Natural Light

The less furniture and fixtures you have in a room, the more important lighting becomes. You want to use as much natural light as possible. Not only is this the most natural option, but this also helps you cut down on the need for light fixtures.

Of course, you’ll need some type of artificial light source for when the sun isn’t shining. You want to use as few light sources as possible. One way to increase the versatility of your lighting is by using dimmers and three-way bulbs.

6. Hang One or Two Great Works of Art

There’s no need to cover your walls with paintings, photographs and other works of art. But completely bare walls tend to look dull and uncomfortable.

You want to pick one or, at most, two pieces of artwork to hang in your bedroom. You want something which compliments the overall room décor. At the same time, you want to choose artwork you love.

Aside from the bed, the artwork you choose will be the second major focal point in the room. You want to display work which reflects your personality and interests.

7. Use Minimal but Multi-Functional Furniture

Chests of drawers and other pieces of furniture are some of the largest items you’ll have in your bedroom. You want to reduce your bedroom furniture down to the fewest items possible.

If you need more than a single dresser or set of drawers, try to keep them as far away from your bed as possible. This will help prevent the room from feeling overloaded.

You’ll also want to look for clever ways to combine furniture functions. Some beds have built-in storage space underneath the mattress. Another option is cabinets built directly into the walls.

8. Keep One Shelf for Mementos

living 4

Minimalism doesn’t mean completely eliminating knick-knacks. You can still decorate your place with small personal items.

Place all of your photos, books and other mementos on one shelf. The “one shelf limit” prevents clutter from taking over your whole apartment. Plus, the shelf can act as an interesting focal point for the room. Guests can learn a bit more about you.

9. Add Plants to Spruce Up the Look

office 1

Minimalism is all about a return to basics. Adding a small plant or two is not only an addition to your décor but also fits the theme of minimalism perfectly.

You want a plant which is easy to care for. Also, depending on the window placement, you might also need a plant which doesn’t require much natural sunlight. Avoid especially large plants, too.

Rubber plants, philodendrons and fig plants are all excellent choices. You can keep your plant on the floor, a desk or even hanging from the ceiling.

10. Use the Basics of the Room

Don’t try to hide the natural features of your room. Embrace the foundations. Pull up the carpet to reveal the wood floors underneath. Showcase any exposed rock or brick in the walls.

Not only is this a great look, but your room will likely be cleaner, too. Dirt, pet hair and other particles can become trapped in carpets and linens. A clear room is easier to keep clean.

Minimalism isn’t about living like you have no possessions. Instead, it’s about using a little to say a lot. Many men prefer the simple, elegant look of a minimalist bedroom – it might be the perfect option for you, too!