All IKEA Everything: Would You Live Here?

This guy shamelessly outfitted his entire apartment with IKEA – including all of the artwork. He got quite a bit of flack from the r/malelivingspace community, but hey, he knew what he was getting himself into.

About the Place

Type: Apartment // Location: Northeast Ohio // Source: malelivingspace

Plus, you’ve got to respect the guy for being consistent. The upside to buying everything from one store is that it all goes together pretty seamlessly.

In our opinion, though, he should ditch the college-era IKEA prints and get some real artwork for the walls.


modern lounge chair | lamp | sofa (customized)

The leather and wood chair bring in some warmth that his place needs, and the fur throw adds some texture. We spy a cool live edge end table next to the sectional, which is the perfect foil to the slick media cabinet.

A pillow upgrade is in order for the space–some kilim pillows would add some unique color and pattern to the room.


coffee table | bookshelf | speakers

We’re noticing a trend of men neglecting their coffee tables. Guys, let’s get it together–a couple of cool books perched atop your coffee table will make your place look more interesting and lived in.


 dinner table | Roomba

The sleek table and chairs would look even better with a wooden bowl on top. Repetition of elements from space to space will make you look like a design rock star.


These modern barstools make the perfect perch for a quick breakfast or cup of coffee. Subway tile is a classic look that works well with just about every design style.


wine rack | magnetic knife bar

He’s added both a wine rack and knife bar to the basic kitchen, which is a smart move. They add whole lot more function to the room.


The hallway to the bedroom and bathroom also includes a compact laundry area. A collection of prints is a great idea for a long wall. We’d group all three together on one wall for bigger impact.


bed | mirror

The platform bed is the perfect combo of form and function, and the full length mirror makes the room feel more spacious.

Some unique art work would do wonders in here. The print above the bed needs to be bigger to fill the space in more.


A clean and functional bathroom rounds out this apartment. The classic marble is another timeless element that works with all styles.