Alluring Japanese Forest House

Type: House // Location: Manzanita, Oregon // Source: capefalconkayak


About this Place

What happens when a kayak builder/instructor decides to build a tiny Japanese style house in the middle of an Oregon forest? Amazing, magical things. We could live out the rest of our days here (presumably playing a wooden flute and training bonsai trees).


The steeply pitched roof covered in shaker shingles gives the house a fairy tale quality. The wooden facade makes the home blend in with the forest surrounding it and large windows and french doors make the home look welcoming.


We’re not sure if we should be excited or weirded out by the platform lounging area. It’s definitely roomier than your typical sofa, so there’s that.


The kitchen is minimalism in its truest form. No cabinets or fancy appliances here. Just a simple sink and wooden counter for food prep.


tree trunk table | axe

The stove is wood-burning (of course) and sitting next to it is a live-edge table that clearly wasn’t found in a store. We’re guessing the axe is for chopping wood for the stove, giving new meaning to cooking old-school style.


The staircase to the loft area is made from a tree and one of the coolest things we’ve seen in a while. There isn’t a handrail, but the platform lounging area below can help break a fall.


bed | nightstands

The loft features a low-profile bed made of natural wood and is covered with a simple gray duvet. Trees are plentiful here so he’s made another set of live-edge tables for night stands.



We’re liking the prairie style lamps. The clean lines contrast nicely the organic lines of the night stands.   Plus it’s nice to see there’s electricity in the house. We were starting to wonder.


Notice there weren’t any bathroom pictures. Well, here it is–an outhouse. We told you it was some seriously old-school housing.