Angular Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Unknown // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

This modest bedroom is an excellent reminder that you don’t need a luxurious apartment in a hip neighborhood to have a cool, functional place. Let’s take a look…


The shape of this bedroom certainly isn’t “normal,” and that’s a pro because it gives the room more character than a standard bedroom. Agreed? We applaud this gentleman for making ample use of a small, oddly shaped room. The angular wall didn’t stop him from having a cool place.


floor lamp

He’s kept the place minimal by adding neutral-colored furniture and by having clean, white walls. Why go through the hassle of painting when the walls looks great as is?


hanging shelves

We think this corner could benefit from having a lamp next to the turntable. However, there are a couple of nice windows so perhaps this corner would be brighter on a sunny day.


desk | modern armchair | swing arm lamp

Speaking of character, check out this cubbyhole. He’s chosen a simple and stylish mid-century modern (MCM) desk (and the classic MCM armchair) which creates a nice spot for reading, studying, or getting some work done.


armchair | side tabletelescope

While the desk looks like an optimal place to work, this corner looks like the perfect spot to relax. The red armchair solidifies the mid-century influence and adds some tasteful color to an otherwise neutral room.

Speaking of tasteful, check out the subtle use of the natural edge end table. He’s chosen an interesting way to display a pair of white sneakers (even his shoes are minimal) and the telescope adds a cool, personal touch to the room.

Overall, this room is a great example of how you can take an oddly shaped room and turn it into a comfortable place to live.