Bachelor Pad 2.0

Type: Apartment // Location: St. Louis, Missouri // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This guy takes budget decorating to new extremes. Armed with about $500.00 and Craigslist, he managed to pull together a pretty nice space that doesn’t shout “budget.”


His first makeover step was to paint the apartment walls a light gray. Painting is the easiest way to transform your space cheaply, and you’d be surprised by how many landlords allow it as long as you paint the walls back to the original color when you move out.

living 2

South American map

He didn’t have money for a big art collection, so instead he used a bunch of vintage maps. We love the big maps, but think the small frames would be better off moved to another wall in the apartment.

bed 2

shelves | milk crate | globe

There’s a wall of shelves next to the corner fireplace to store books. The shelves look great but the area underneath looks a bit cluttered with different crates and a rolling file cabinet. We’d move this stuff into a closet to get a cleaner look.

bed 3

The bedroom received a coat of paint, too, but in a darker gray that’s great for winding down at the end of the day. The room is small, which means there’s no space for a nightstand. He’s added a wall sconce for a little bit of extra light, which is a great idea when space is at a premium.

bed 1

geometric print | alarm clock | hanging bulbs

Three graphic prints line the wall and provide some color to the space. He’s managed to fit in a small chair and table in the corner underneath a cool hanging bulbs fixture.

entryway 1


The wall opposite the bed has a little more breathing room, so he’s added a larger chair over here with a reading lamp for relaxing. A mirror and hooks add some functionality to the tight space.

bath 1

The bathroom was painted the same light gray found in the living area. The print pops against the wall and we like the placement of the art.

This guy clearly loves storage crates, but this one looks kind of awkward. We’d ditch it so the trash can could go on the floor, and we’d definitely move the toilet paper holder closer to the toilet.