Basic Bachelor Pad

Type: Condo // Location: Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This is a great example of your basic male living space. Dark wood accents, light granite countertops, and a nice mix of industrial and contemporary furniture. We can’t really find anything wrong with this place.

Living room 2

sofa | side table | dining table | wall clock

There’s a nice mix of materials with the leather sofa, wood coffee table, and shag rug. He’s kept the color palette neutral, which is a smart choice if you’re unsure of mixing colors. Mix textures and materials in the same color family instead.

There’s plenty of additional lighting thanks to a reading lamp and floor lamp. Again, he did a nice job mixing different lamp styles by keeping the colors similar.

Living room 1

coffee table

A shuttered media cabinet hides the electronics and he’s added a tall vertical print next to the television unit to balance it out.

A small corner bar is adjacent to both the living room and the kitchen, making entertaining simple.

Kitchen 2

Well, we did find one thing wrong–no cats on the counters, ok? Otherwise, we like the dark cabinetry and gray subway tile. Both solid, masculine choices.

Kitchen 1


The bar stools are light micro-suede, which is durable and easy to clean. The bar is a great spot to eat while watching television.

Bedroom 2

bed | bedside table

The bedroom is a study in simplicity with a clean lined bed and plain gray bedding. We like that he’s made an effort to hang prints but feel like they’re a little small for the space. Hanging them over the headboard as a pair would be a big improvement.

Bedroom 1

shoe rack

There’s plenty of storage thanks to a small dresser and shoe rack. Another lamp helps brighten up that side of the room and a plant adds a little color and life to the space.