The Top 6 Best Bedrooms From Reddit’s r/malelivingspace

In this post, we’ll showcase the coolest and most stylish bedrooms from Reddit’s r/malelivingspace.

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Hey, are you looking for fresh inspiration for your space? Something that will wow your friends, but still be comfy as heck?

Reddit’s r/malelivingspace subreddit is a fantastic place to browse through — but it can also be overrun with off-topic posts and reposts. So we took the time to sort through some of the community’s top rated posts of all time, and bring you our own curated list.

In our opinion, the following 10 rooms show off the best of the best in male living spaces. Read on, and maybe you’ll find that inspiration you’ve been looking for.

The Best Bedrooms From Reddit’s r/malelivingspace

Here they are in no particular order…

1. u/moviemakr’s New York City Apartment… All To Themselves!

Achievement unlocked, indeed! Check out the amazing use of space in u/moviemakr’s NYC apartment that they don’t even have to share with a roommate:

u/moviemakr’s NYC apartment

Found in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, the poster says he got a great deal on the space because of pandemic pricing. The cushy rug is an Amazon purchase (Safavieh brand), but sadly most of the other furniture has already come and gone from Wayfair’s online shop.

As u/themodestman pointed out, the hospital corners on that bed are crisp. Guys, if you can only do one small thing to make your apartment look better, learn how to make your bed!

You can see the original post here.

2. u/hotwingeater’s Self-Made Bedroom

It sure does pay to be handy when you’re decorating a room, as evidenced by this crazy cool Canadian bedroom. The poster built and upholstered the bed himself, as well as laying all the hardwood flooring in the room.

u/hotwingeater’s Self-Made Bedroom

Most of the accent furniture is straight out of the IKEA catalog, like the HAMPEN rug. It’s a high density, high pile rug available at a totally reasonable price for all your minimalist room needs.

u/hotwingeater has even been gracious enough to include a link to the photo album while he built the place out. You can look through the progress pics here.

Check out the original post here.

3. u/SickThanYaAverage’s Minimal(ish) Bedroom in New York

Speaking of minimalist style, this New York bedroom was the topic of much debate in the comments section. 

Is it minimalist? The consensus seems to be “not really”, but it’s a damned fine space anyway. The only knock we have is echoed in the comments, too: A duvet cover would look so much nicer in that room.

u/SickThanYaAverage’s Minimal(ish) Bedroom

It’s nice to see examples of bedrooms without giant televisions or gaming rig setups, too. You can check out the original post right here.

4. u/hieronymus_my_g’s Brooklyn Bedroom

u/hieronymus_my_g knows what’s up: He was even kind enough to link to the duvet cover pictured here:

u/hieronymus_my_g’s Brooklyn Bedroom

That’s Dwell Studio’s Malabar Duvet Cover, in case you were wondering. He lives in Brooklyn, and is making the best of a small(ish) apartment by making custom window hangers for his house plant collection.

Our takeaway: Wood and windows will get you everywhere in the r/malelivingspace subreddit — but you’ve gotta back it up with clean presentation and a few good plants, too.

You can look through the original post here.

5. u/Vipe777’s Blue, White, and Wood Tone Bedroom

Clean and minimal with a nod towards nautical color schemes, the natural light in this bedroom is really where it’s at. We’re not sure about using that much blue in a darker space, but if you have the natural light available we say go for it!

u/Vipe777’s Blue, White, and Wood Tone Bedroom

If you love the look of the bed frame, you’ll need to get a little crafty — the poster says he made it himself, but it’s quite an easy project. If that’s not your style, consider this other low bed frame suggested by a commenter.

You can see the original post here.

6. u/PacificTrekk’s Bedroom for the Newly Single

Getting out of a relationship can be tough on your living space, but u/PacificTrekk took that challenge in stride. Their small bedroom feels bigger thanks to the tasteful addition of under bed lighting, especially when complemented by the mirrored closet.

u/PacificTrekk’s Bedroom for the Newly Single

The supportive response to this post was off the charts, with tons of commenters chiming in to say that the poster’s breakup would get better with time — and living in that sweet room! Check out the original thread for links to just about every item of furniture in the room.