The Best Cigar Humidors Under $100

This is a comprehensive guide about all the things you should look for when buying cigar humidors under $100. From size, material to our top picks.

best cigar humidors under 100

In the early stages of smoking cigars as a hobby, exploring the vast selection of brands, sizes, shapes, and tobaccos will be enough to always keep you interested. But once your palate for tobacco starts to develop, you’ll find yourself coming back to certain sticks time and time again for their unique combinations of attributes.

Right around this time, you’ll want to start learning how to store your cigars properly — and this means investing in a humidor. While there are plenty of options out there for high-tech (and high-dollar) humidors, budget options can be less suitable for your needs unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. 

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the best cigar humidors under $100. Throughout this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about investing in your first humidor, including:

  • Our top pick for the best cigar humidor under $100
  • What you should be looking for when buying a small humidor
  • The best brands and stores where you can find humidors for under $100

Ready to get started? Then please, read on.

Quick Take

If you’re short on time, here are our top picks for the best xyz you can buy right now:

  1. Best Overall: Bald Eagle Handmade Cedar Humidor
  2. Also Great: Mantello Cigars Handcrafted Glass Top Humidor
  3. Budget Pick: Scotte Leather and Cedar Humidor Jar
  4. The Upgrade: Case Elegance Glass Top Humidor with Digital Hygrometer

These are all great options, and we’ll talk about each one in more detail below.

But first, why should you buy a cigar humidor?

A Brief Overview of Cigar Humidors 

Moisture is the enemy of great cigars everywhere. Too much of it, and your precious stogies can start to mold, mildew or rot; too little, and they’ll dry out enough to make for a harsh and unpleasant smoke. Even in as little as a week or two of improper storage, cigars can start to lose the flavor that their producers work so hard to create.

The solution, of course, is to keep your cigars in that Goldilocks zone of humidity: Not too wet, and not too dry. Any humidor worth its salt will make this a breeze, courtesy of naturally antibacterial cedar wood that is a match made in heaven for storing tobacco.

When you’re looking for an affordable humidor for yourself, or one to give as a gift to a newly minted cigar aficionado, there are plenty of options available under $100 that are still made to exacting specifications. They may not store as many cigars as larger, more expensive humidors, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for beginners.

What to Look for When Buying A Cigar Humidor Under $100

Totally new to the idea of storing your cigars in a humidor? No worries. Just keep these three considerations in mind when you’re looking for an inexpensive humidor, and you’ll come out alright:

Consideration #1: The Size

How many cigars do you think you’ll want to store at one time? 

Buying cigars in their boxes will often net you a hefty discount, and a cool storage solution for your menswear accessories after you’ve removed them. Since cigar boxes hold anywhere from 5 to 25 cigars on average, 25 is a good number to shoot for when looking for long-term storage in a humidor.

Consideration #2: The Materials

What is the humidor you’re looking at made of?

Cedar wood is the gold standard for base materials in humidors because of how perfectly its natural qualities match what’s needed to store cigars. Antibacterial, not too dense or too soft, and possessing a lovely smell, you should always look for cedar.

Other than the base wood, you’ll need to decide whether you’d like a glass top (for lovingly admiring your cigars when you’re not smoking them), or perhaps a leather coating for plush style; both are matters of personal taste, and won’t affect the function of your humidor.

Consideration #3: The Accessories

To ensure that your humidor is at the exact right conditions for storing cigars, it’s best to look for one that includes a built-in hygrometer. This handy device measures the relative humidity, which you’ll want to keep between 65 and 72% for optimal retention of tobacco flavor and texture.

Additionally, there are humidors available that include storage space for the full complement of cigar ritual accessories. If you’re getting into this hobby with a passion, the added storage space will help keep everything in arm’s reach anytime you’re ready to sit down for a smoke.

Top 6 Best Cigar Humidors Under $100 Right Now

After taking a thorough look over the dozens of inexpensive humidors available on the market today, we’re convinced that the following six items represent the cream of the crop. Any of them is worthwhile in its own right, so look through them all and decide which one best fits your specific needs.

1. Bald Eagle Handmade Cedar Humidor

Made of Spanish cedar wood with a rich walnut finish, Bald Eagle’s handmade humidor is as functional as it is gorgeous. Holding 20 to 25 cigars, it’s large enough to store an entire box of cigars straight from the producer or to accommodate a growing collection of smokes.

A built-in analog hygrometer and humidifier ensure that your cigars will be stored in optimal conditions, and the glass top allows for full viewing of your selection at any time. Best of all, it does all of this for under $50 — easily making it our top choice for its combination of style, function, and affordability.

Will the Bald Eagle Handmade Cedar Humidor be the right choice for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Large enough to store a whole box of cigars
  • Glass and cedar construction with a beautiful finish
  • Comes with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier


  • Some users report inaccuracies with the hygrometer
  • Seal on the lid could be tighter

Here’s the bottom line: Bald Eagle’s Handmade Cedar Humidor is a near-perfect combination of price, storage capacity, and reliability that will be great for any amateur cigar enthusiast.

2. Mantello Cigars Handcrafted Glass Top Humidor

Remarkably similar to our top choice humidor, yet with nearly double the storage space, Mantello Cigars’ handcrafted humidor will appeal to the burgeoning collector of fine tobacco.

While it may be a little oversized for the occasional smoker, the quality of construction is top notch and should not be overlooked.

Spanish cedar is used for the tray and dividers, and gold plated piano hinges ensure a smooth lifting action on the lid. Combine that with a reliable seal, integrated hygrometer, and removable humidifier, and this humidor will supply you with everything you need for storing your cigar collection.

Is the Mantello Cigars Handcrafted Glass Top Humidor right for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Large storage capacity is great for novice and experienced collectors alike
  • Excellent seal does a remarkable job of retaining humidity levels
  • Spanish cedar construction and built-in hygrometer


  • On the pricier side
  • Beginners may not need that much storage space

Here’s the bottom line: The Mantello Cigars Handcrafted Glass Top Humidor is a great humidor for anyone who’s not quite a beginner, but not quite an expert. Its additional storage space will let you start building a much more robust collection.

3. Scotte Leather and Cedar Humidor Jar

Do you want to store your cigars properly without opening the door to a massive collection? The Scotte humidor jar may be just the ticket. It’s well made, ridiculously affordable, and great for anyone who just wants to keep a few good sticks around the house for when guests arrive.

Holding just 12 to 16 cigars, the Scotte has the smallest capacity of any humidor on this list — but it’s also the least expensive by a mile. A cedar inner sleeve and leather outer case give it a distinctive look, and the included humidifier will keep your cigars in decent shape. 

The only problem? The built-in hygrometer isn’t all that accurate and can’t be relied on to keep your cigars in an optimal humidity range. For the price, though, the Scotte is a much better option than leaving your cigars in their original packaging.

Is the Scotte Leather and Cedar Humidor Jar the perfect humidor for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Exceptionally affordable and great for beginners
  • Handsome leather exterior and cedar interior
  • Compact enough to use as a travel cigar case


  • Small storage capacity
  • Hygrometer is not particularly accurate

Here’s the bottom line: Scotte’s Leather and Cedar Humidor Jar is ideal for casual cigar smokers, as well as anyone who might want to take a few sticks with them while traveling.

4. Case Elegance Glass Top Humidor with Digital Hygrometer

Just barely scraping in at under $100, Case Elegance’s humidor is also the only storage option in this review to feature a digital hygrometer — as well as built-in accessory storage. If you’re looking to up your cigar storage game, this case is well worth the upgrade.

Spanish cedar and a magnetically-closing top ensure that the Case Elegance has amazing moisture retention, and the digital readout on its built-in hygrometer makes it easy to monitor precise moisture levels.

With room for 25 to 50 cigars, this humidor really does provide everything you’ll need for enjoying cigars as a hobby.

Is the Case Elegance Glass Top Humidor with Digital Hygrometer right for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Large storage capacity holds up to two boxes of cigars
  • Magnetic seal and digital hygrometer ensure optimal storage conditions
  • Integrated accessory storage keeps everything you need in one place


  • Quite expensive
  • Seasoning process takes up to a week

Here’s the bottom line: The Case Elegance is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who wants to really get into the world of fine cigars.

5. Megacra Leather and Cedar Humidor

Built for home use or travel, the Megacra humidor is housed in a slick leather exterior that exudes fashionable vibes. Holding just 10 to 20 cigars, it’s on the smaller side — making it great for the amateur smoker or the seasoned veteran who wants to take cigars on the road for a party.

Both the hygrometer and humidifier are magnetic and attach to the lid of the case, allowing for minute adjustments in positioning that you usually won’t find in humidors of this size. It’s a beautiful case, and we can strongly recommend it for bachelor parties or boys’ nights out.

Is the Megacra Leather and Cedar Humidor right for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Small enough to be portable, large enough to furnish cigars for a group
  • High quality leather exterior and Spanish cedar interior
  • 18 month warranty guarantees your investment is safe


  • Fairly pricey for how many cigars it can store
  • Initial seasoning can be tricky

Here’s the bottom line: The Megacra Leather and Cedar Humidor is a fantastic combination of looks and reliability, and is versatile enough to take on the road or keep at home.

6. Galiner Portable Leather Humidor

Last but not least, Galiner’s portable humidor deserves a mention for its excellent presentation and unique style. Designed to hold just six cigars and equipped with a humidifier, it’s not quite a full-fledged humidor — but it’s far better than conventional options for traveling with cigars.

Is the Galiner Portable Leather Humidor  right for you? Here are the pros and cons:


  • Just right for a night out with the boys
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Spanish cedar interior smells great


  • Does not include a hygrometer for measuring humidity
  • Not great for long-term storage

Here’s the bottom line: Galiner’s portable humidor is a unique and stylish way to carry cigars to share with friends, but shouldn’t be used as a long-term cigar storage solution.

Which Humidor Is Right for You?

With all the information we’ve just shared, you’re now fully equipped to decide which budget humidor is best for your needs. Thanks for reading, and good luck with all of your cigar adventures!