The Top 10 Best Living Rooms from Reddit’s r/malelivingspace

If you’re looking for living room design inspiration, read on to see the best living rooms from Reddit’s r/malelivingspace.

If a man’s home is his castle, then his living room is definitely the throne room. We’ve combed through thousands of posts to bring you the best living rooms from Reddit’s r/malelivingspace — and after you look through them, you’ll leave inspired to revitalize your own space.

The Top 10 Best Living Rooms from Reddit’s r/malelivingspace

Here they are in no particular order…

1. LJofthelaw’s Nerdy and Cozy Setup

Grey walls, Dune posters, Gloomhaven sitting on a bookshelf — what more could a nerd want in their living room? While their cable management could use a little bit of work, this living room really shows off how to make a den comfy and cozy without aiming for “high fashion”. The coffee table from Structube is a particularly nice touch.

Nerdy and Cozy Setup

The most common suggestion in the comments for this living room? Adding a low-profile rug to tie the room together. We think The Dude would agree.

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2. Monikioo’s Metro Detroit Living Room With Huge Windows

Even though it might cost a fortune to keep warm in the winter, the views out of the gigantic windows in this Detroit-area living room are worth every penny. The living room is connected to the kitchen and dining room in one big, open space in classic mid century modern style.

Metro Detroit Living Room With Huge Windows

There’s a debate going on in the comments section: Should the original poster get some big, heavy curtains for privacy and insulation? Or is that view worth having a little bit colder and less private room?

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3. BlackFieldNotes’ First Solo Apartment Living Room

Straight out of San Francisco, this is an amazingly furnished living room in a high-rise complex. Check out the pricey-but-worth-it Artifox desk, a simple yet fashionable piece that sets the tone for a minimalist setup. The BIOS TV stand is another stand-out piece, as is the subtle but cushy Meadow Rug by West Elm.

First Solo Apartment Living Room

The original poster is a software engineer by trade, so they sought out elegant and high-quality items that would become a part of their home once they’re in the market to buy.

You can look through the original post here.

4. Xtrunit’s Unfinished (But Excellent) Greyscale Living Room

An incredibly clean example of a modern living room, this space was furnished mostly through regional Swedish furniture stores. The whole space exudes minimalist style, from the judicious use of color to the clean lines of the lamp, coffee table, and TV stand.

Unfinished (But Excellent) Greyscale Living Room

We’d love to see a speaker system of some sort to finish the room, or maybe a soundbar to maintain that minimalist aesthetic. Hidden tip: The plants are fake, so that the whole setup requires minimal effort to maintain.

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5. Sweddit’s Combo Living Room and Dining Area

Funded by the user’s career in running restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, this living room/dining room combination is absolutely dope. The dining room alone is interior design magazine worthy. If you’ve seen the movie Parasite though, you might be left wondering whether there’s a whole other secret apartment in the basement!

Combo Living Room and Dining

For the guitar aficionados in the crowd, you’ll see a Yamaha CM40 acoustic with nylon strings and an Ibanez Aeg8e electric-acoustic with steel strings. Even if you’re not a great guitar player, adding an instrument to your living room sure does class the place up.

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6. Rrrr_reubs Dark and Lush Space

Filled with “archaeology professor vibes”, this living room is the darkest one that we’re down to feature in this article. The original poster is always making improvements to their New Zealand space, with the wooden recliner chair being the most recent addition. Check it out over at Malo Design — it’s their Skeleton Lounge Chair.

Dark and Lush Space

Pro tip for anyone else who has a dark living room without plenty of direct natural light: Pothos and peace lily plants have low light requirements, grow close to the ground, and can be used to add a natural touch to the space.

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7. BurritoBanditos’ Light and Easy Going Lounge 

People always tell him that his living room is too girly — and we think that’s ridiculous. When you’re an adult, you can choose to decorate your space as you please. Also, it turns out that the original poster’s mother was an interior designer — so there are plenty of delicate touches that make it extra comfortable to live in.

Light and Easy Going Lounge

In our opinion, this living room is an excellent example of a truly neutral color and design scheme. Curving lines, muted colors, and soft lighting all contribute to a laid-back vibe.

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8. GrandeSwag’s Spacious Brooklyn Living Room

By New York standards, GrandeSwag’s Brooklyn living room is absolutely enormous! By any other city’s standards, maybe not. But we love how they’ve taken advantage of vertical space by drilling holes in terracotta planters to hang their plants.

Spacious Brooklyn Living Room

If you’re not down to pay the nearly $6000 for a genuine Eames chair, consider the Modholic take on the style that’s featured in the original poster’s room. And if you’re in love with the couch, it’s a 72” Sven couch from Article.

You can look through the original post here.

9. Akopley’s Bright Living Room In A Loft

It’s not very often that you see a living room this fine in an attic space, but Akopley has managed to pull it off. Maximizing light through a circular window in the center of the room, everything else fans out from there — with plenty of modular furniture that can be collapsed to accommodate for having a fairly small space.

Bright Living Room In A Loft

For anyone that’s curious, this upstairs apartment is located in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago. The art on the walls is from Greg Mike, a graffiti artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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10. Emotional_UFO’s Minimalist Vancouver Living Room

Last but not least, the most strikingly minimal living room of all: A Vancouver setup that is calm, quiet, and meditative. To get a real feel for the place, check out this photo album on imgur as well. 

Minimalist Vancouver Living Room

Unfortunately for anyone looking to recreate the furniture in their own living room, the original poster inherited almost every item from his grandparents. The rug, however, is a Momeni MT-12 in Paprika color.

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