10 Best Online Furniture Stores for Guys

Need to spruce up your place? Forget the big box stores. Here are the best online furniture stores for guys.


Making your living space feel like a home might be the most important thing you can do for your quality of life.

Whether you’re single or partnered, in an apartment or own your home, choosing to personalize your space goes way beyond being just simple decoration.

Remember that old saying that “a man’s home is his castle”? Well, it still holds a lot of truth: Your home can be a place to return to after your hardest days to refresh and recharge.

By choosing the right furniture to make your house or apartment feel like a home, you’ll be setting yourself up for success in every other area of your life.

We’re big believers in making your home a reflection of your unique self — so we put together this list of our favorite online furniture stores for all you hard-working guys out there to browse before deciding on the next piece to fit your style.

Let’s get started…


Going with a “simple is sexy” aesthetic, Apt2B is a decidedly modern take on outfitting your home with the coolest furniture. Their online store is filled with tasteful, minimalist design around every corner.


Add in a touch of east coast flair in their fabric choices and a price that makes “designer” furniture affordable, and it’s obvious why we’re digging Apt2B.

Aiken Coffee Table

Check out their Aiken Coffee Table for a taste of their signature style.


The multi-talented guys and gals over at Joybird might be the only online furniture retailers offering completely custom-built options for your home. Inspired by the 50s and 60s era Mid-Century Movement, they’re a high-class throwback to a time when handcrafted was the norm.


If you’re having trouble finding pieces that fit just right into the design you have in mind, Joybird is definitely the way to go. With customization during every step of the ordering process, you can know that you’re paying for a genuinely one-of-a-kind piece.

Hughes Apartment Sofa Royale Cobalt

We were especially impressed with their Hughes Apartment Sofa, which they describe as being “Small enough for tight spaces, yet chic enough to carry a whole room”.

We’d have to agree.

All Modern

Part of the Wayfair group, All Modern is the classier cousin to Wayfair’s more everyday style. By offering modern design without the sometimes artificially inflated price tags, they have a robust selection of furniture for every room of the home — all at great prices.

All Modern

The combination of a wide selection, thoughtful aesthetics, and reasonable prices make it a great one-stop shop for outfitting a new room in your home.

Norris Desk

We’re particularly fond of their office furniture, with dark wood items like the Norris Desk standing out well above their price point.

Blu Dot

You can easily see the influence of the founders’ backgrounds at Blu Dot: Started by a group of sculptors and architects, their free-wheeling use of angular style is a fresh take on modern design.

Blue Dot

Clean lines and uncommon materials highlight their particular aesthetic, which you can find on display in their Real Good Chair.

Office Chairs

While they’re far from being a budget option, the fun and playful vibe that Blu Dot’s furniture can give a room is hard to find elsewhere.


Though perhaps better known for their Schoolhouse Electric light fixtures, the folks at Schoolhouse actually have a solid furniture and accessories game at a great price.


Their website is filled with pieces you don’t usually find with other online furniture stores, from their iconic lighting fixtures to fans and clocks.

Schoolhouse poplight

We’re big fans of their eye-catching table lamps, like the curiously shaped Pop Light.


Acting as a sort of one-stop-shop for everything modern design, 2Modern is the most constantly updated source of modern furniture we’ve seen.


Sourcing from a wide variety of producers and designers, they’re a great place to shop around for ideas before committing to a certain style.

Vondom Solid Sofa

Pieces like their Vondom Solid Sofa are sure to raise an eyebrow.


Remember Crate & Barrel, the catchall home goods store? Well, it has a much more sophisticated sibling: CB2.


And actually, being associated with a big-name mass market supplier positions this smaller branch to be able to offer big discounts on fine furniture.

Odessa Shearling Canopy Bed

Take their Odessa Shearling Canopy Bed, for instance: Of all the online furniture stores we perused, none of them offered attractive bedroom options like this at such a reasonable price.

So if you’re going for high-ticket purchases for your home, take a look at CB2 first.


A furniture curation website tailored to the modern man’s tastes, TRNK started as a New York based magazine before making the transition to selling the goods they were showing off.


With specially crafted furniture collections that all seem to create a polished, connected look, TRNK is our go-to for high-end online furniture shopping.

Arc + Angle series

Choices like their Arc + Angle series prove that they’re one of the most elegant and considerate purveyors of furniture online.

Choose them if you’re willing to put down a larger initial investment for furniture that is built to last.

Scandinavian Designs

It might be a faux pas to say “the I word” in any review of furniture stores for the modern man, but we’re still quite taken with Scandinavian style furniture design.

Scandinavian Designs

Instead of going for the same furniture that every guy in his early 20s crammed into his bachelor pad, look towards the slightly higher end Scandinavian Designs for pieces with a similar style, but their own unique flair — like this Sten Bookcase.

Sten Bookcase

It’s a bit pricier than something from Target or Amazon, but we think it’s well worth the mark up.


The last store in our list is a bit of an outlier, but definitely worth mentioning. This Japanese company may have a painfully complicated website to navigate, but the digging that you have to do to get to their best furniture is well worth the money you’ll save.


It’s a great place to look for more affordable furniture that’s clearly inspired by the modern aesthetic, exemplified by items like this accent chair.

Rakuten accent chair

Just be sure and go to the site with a clear idea in mind of what you need, or else you’re likely to get lost.

Closing Thoughts

When you’re choosing furniture for any size of living space, putting the extra effort into building a space you’re happy with will pay huge dividends later by giving you a sanctuary to return to.

Thanks for reading today, and we hope you found everything you need to make your house into a well-designed home!