The 10 Best Coffee Table Books About Coffee

In some ways, a coffee table is the center of a living space. Of course, it holds purely practical items like remote controls, but why not add some stuff that’s interesting, aesthetically pleasing and practical?

Plants, candles and knickknacks all have a place on coffee tables, but today we here at Manored want to talk about books. Specifically, coffee table books for coffee lovers.

We’ve chosen a handful of our favorite coffee table books about coffee. These books have awesome pictures, intriguing information and are perfect for anyone who loves coffee.

The 10 Best Coffee Table Books About Coffee

Here they are, in no particular order…

1. Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality (2nd Edition)

We’re kicking off the list with a treat for espresso snobs. Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality has everything you want to know (and more) about, you guessed it, espresso.

As a bonus, you’ll learn plenty about coffee quality standards and how coffee consumption affects your health.

Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality is based on science and fueled by a passion for all things espresso.

2. The Craft and Science of Coffee

This book was written by Dr. Britta Folmer, the Coffee Science Manager at Nestlé Nespresso. So, yeah, she knows a lot about coffee.

Starting with the origin of the coffee plant, this book covers everything from agronomy to brewing and illustrates the economic and social impact of the coffee industry.

Like any good coffee table book, you can flip to any page and read something interesting.

3. The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes

You may know of Blue Bottle Coffee Company from their online coffee subscription service, or maybe you’ve even been to one of their cafes (which are only in a handful of cities).

They’re a hugely popular company and for good reason. They know a thing or two about quality coffee.

Coffee lovers will be delighted to know that James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle, has written a detailed book on coffee, The Blue Bottle Craft of Coffee: Growing, Roasting, and Drinking, with Recipes.

Whether you’re using a French press, nel drip or siphon, this book has recipes and tips to help you brew a perfect cup.

4. The World Atlas of Coffee

The World Atlas of Coffee is all about the differences in coffee grown in different parts of the world.

Extensively covering more than 35 countries, The World Atlas of Coffee educates readers on the different production methods and flavor distinctions of coffee from around the globe.

Complete with tons of illustrations, diagrams and photographs, you can pop this book open for a quick dose of coffee knowledge or dig in for some deeper coffee insights.

5. Left Coast Roast: A Guide to the Best Coffee and Roasters from San Francisco to Seattle

While we recommend learning about coffee from all over the world, Left Coast Roast offers a valuable and in-depth perspective on coffee from the West Coast which is way cool.

Left Coast Roast features in-depth coverage of 55 different coffee companies dotting the coast from Northern California to Seattle, Washington.

Readers living on the West Coast will feel a sense of pride after learning how much coffee-inspired innovation is happening on their side of the country. Those of us from the East will be inspired to start packing for a trip to some of these legendary companies and cafes.

6. Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival

More so than any other coffee table book on this list, Brewing Justice is perfect for the ethical coffee consumer.

This book takes readers on a deep dive into the world of fair trade coffee and looks at an important question—are the ethical goals of fair trade actually working to benefit coffee farmers?

Taking a look at Brewing Justice while enjoying your morning cup of joe may make you curious to know more about how that very cup of coffee has affected the farmers that grew and harvested it.

7. Joe: The Coffee Book

The Joe Coffee Company (Joe, as it’s commonly known) is one of the most beloved coffee chains in New York City.

The owners, who also happen to be siblings, Jonathan and Gabrielle Rubinstein wrote Joe: The Coffee Book to give people a deeper insight into the journey of a bean becoming a delicious cup of coffee.

Plus, they spill the beans (that’s their pun, which was definitely intended) on just how deep they had to dig into the history and politics of coffee to ensure they were keeping their business as ethical as possible.

A fun, creative layout and tons of photos make this one of the best coffee table books about coffee that you can buy.

8. Coffee Obsession: More Than 100 Tools and Techniques with Inspirational Projects to Make

Coffee Obsession shares the scoop on different coffee-producing countries around the world and dissects the assortment of styles, flavors, and brewing techniques that go into making a wonderful cup.

As the title suggests, Coffee Obsession has more than 100 recipes that’ll have you making lattes, cappuccinos and other coffee snob favorites like a pro barista in no time.

9. Everything But Espresso: Professional Coffee Brewing Techniques

Arguably one of the best coffee table books available, Everything But Espresso might be the very best coffee table book for coffee aficionados who want to perfect their brewing techniques.

While author Scott Rao skips the espresso talk, he does cover how to drip, press and pour a darn good cup of coffee.

This book gets pretty in-depth about things like brewing parameters and water chemistry. It’s safe to say that Everything But Espresso is for the true coffee snobs, and we mean that as a compliment!

10. I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks

If you really love coffee, why not get a recipe book (or multiple recipe books) that has more than 100 different coffee drinks you can make at home?

That’s exactly what I Love Coffee! is, a recipe book that features everything from tiramisú martinis to candy cane lattes.

You may love it or hate it, but I Love Coffee! even has a pumpkin spice recipe or two.


What better way to show your coffee-loving pride than with a book on your coffee table that makes your guests question if you’re a barista?

Maybe you’ll leave one of these books wide open on your coffee table to ensure that everyone sees that you mean business when it comes to coffee. We won’t judge you for that!