Bright Apartment Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Unknown  // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This apartment bedroom has awesome natural light, a colorful palette and nice DIY touches. It’s a great example of how to make a bedroom look “put together” and thoughtful without spending a ton of money.

Bedroom 1

bed | hanging lamp | Telecaster | Fender amplifier

He’s made great use of the ample wall space by adding shelving, a guitar hook, an affordable gallery wall and a cactus garden.

We’re always happy to see guys add drapes to their spaces. They’re incredibly practical and make your room feel finished.

He’s kept the bedding simple with a gray duvet and white pillows. Since it’s clear he’s into traveling, some kilim pillows would add a worldly vibe to the space.

Bedroom 2


The book organization really speaks to our OCD side–it’s so organized. A pair of heavy geode bookends keeps everything upright.

The hooks hold his scarf collection, hats, bag, and umbrella.  When everything is stored in one spot, it makes it easier to get out the door on time.

Bedroom 5

We’re liking the cactus collection. He’s flanked both sides of the shelf with an assortment of 8 cacti in small wall-mounted planters.

We’ve said it before, but every space can benefit from a plant or two. Easy to care for cacti and succulents are perfect for the busy man who can’t be bothered to water plants.

Bedroom 3

No money for frames? No problem. Just use some mounting tape and keep the prints close together in an intentional pattern to make it look gallery-chic without the high cost of framing.

He’s added a couple paper lamps to the ceiling, which is a great way to draw the eye upward while adding some light to the space.

Bedroom 4

desk | office chair | ice axe | globe

A simple desk has lots of storage space in the two large drawers. The accessories are minimal but thoughtful–a globe and a pair of succulents in ceramic planters.