Bright Hillsborough Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Hillsboro, North Carolina // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

This guy’s one-bedroom apartment is a master class in warm minimalism. He’s added just enough wooden pieces and accessories to make the space feel inviting but clean.

He was downsizing from a much larger place in DC and thought it was a good time to get rid of the extra stuff that cluttered up his place. We think he nailed it.



The bedroom is flooded with natural light from the large window. White linens dress the simple platform bed. We’re big fans of white linens for the bed and bath because it’s a classic look that looks clean and inviting.


nightstand lamp

The MCM nightstand from West Elm was his splurge piece. We love how it warms up the room and provides additional storage so there’s still plenty of room for a lamp and succulent.



A storage locker pulls double duty as both a television stand and a place to stash clothes. He’s added a houseplant which adds some life and color to the otherwise monochromatic space.


table | modern chairs | lamp

The dining and work area features a hairpin leg table with a pretty wood grain top. The Eames-style chairs are comfortable and sculptural.

We like how he’s kept the materials throughout his apartment the same–brass, white, and wood are a stylish combination that you really can’t go wrong with.


side table

We can’t take the dog (sadly), but the table with plants is a look we can copy. A small occasional table like this is your design best friend–you can place it next to a chair for a beverage holder or use it to add some texture and interest to an underutilized corner in your home.

This apartment shows that by keeping the colors and materials uniform throughout your space, you can make it look high-end and stylish without a lot of furniture or accessories.