Bright Remodeled Kitchen

Type: Condo // Location: California // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This is one of the coolest contemporary kitchens we’ve seen. No doubt it costed an arm and a leg, but regardless of your budget it can still inspire some cool ideas for your kitchen.

The tenant works in real estate, which we’re guessing contributes to his eye for interior design.


bar stools

He’s chosen very wisely by going with some minimal and contemporary bar stools from Design Within Reach.

Note the waterfall edge on the counter, a truly classy addition to any space.

The lights under the cabinet and counter are white, but the painted backsplashes create an interesting ambiance by making the light look blue. The sleekness of everything in here combined with the lighting creates somewhat of a futuristic vibe.


door pulls

Overall, the kitchen is pretty sparing with colors so the brushed copper faucet and door pulls create a nice contrast while the dolomite countertops contribute to the sleek, contemporary vibe that the rest of the kitchen sports.


speed oven | oven

The tenant took his remodeling to the next level by putting in all new appliances.

He’s still remodeling the rest of the condo, and based on this kitchen, we’re guessing it’ll be exquisite.