Budget Bachelor Pad

Type: Apartment // Location: Montreal, Québec // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Outfitting your pad doesn’t have to be expensive. This recent graduate splurged on a couple of expensive items, but for the most part he stuck with budget brands like IKEA. The results speak for themselves.


sofa | coffee table | world map

He’s made a smart choice with this beige sectional. The neutral color means it blends well with just about everything and he can change out the throw pillows for a different look.

The simple coffee table has a double shelf, which is a great option for keeping things functional and stylish. Magazines and remotes can be stored on the lower shelf and decorative items can hang out on the top.



These chrome and leather chairs are good looking and practical. He can use them for extra seating when needed and the compact size allows them to be tucked away when not in use.


entertainment center | floor lamp with shade

We’re always happy to see plants in guys’ homes. They clean the air and add a nice bit of color and texture. Don’t be intimidated by keeping a plant alive–there are tons of low-maintenance options available.


The kitchen is definitely rocking a throw-back vibe. When faced with design elements you don’t love, it’s best to keep the space clean and tidy like he does here.


table | chairs

A compact table is perfect for this small space. You can always tuck a small table in a corner and still have room for two to dine. A drop-down counter with barstools is another excellent option in small kitchens.


bed | bedding | duvet

The bedroom is bare bones but that can easily be remedied by hanging the three large prints above the headboard. We’d move the three small prints that are currently above the bed over the chest of drawers instead.

When your prints are small, it looks much better to group them together to create a larger looking piece.


Sheer curtains let in light while still providing some privacy.


The bathroom has a cool basketweave tile floor that he wisely didn’t cover with a rug. We like the bold pattern on the shower curtain and it adds a lot of movement and interest to the otherwise plain space.