Calgary High Rise

Type: Condo // Location: Calgary, Alberta // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

We’ve gotta admit: this small, modern apartment kind of makes us want to move to Calgary. The accent walls, art and textiles add just enough color and interest without making the place seem feminine. Plus, this condo has some pretty stellar views.

Living room 1

armchairentertainment center

There’s tons of light pouring in through the large window and he’s added some plants to take advantage of it. There’s a nice reading corner with a comfortable looking chair, side table, and lamp. He’s even added a bright print to liven things up even more.

We like the blue walls against the deep red sofa. It’s an unexpected color combination and lends a sophisticated look to the space.

Living room 2

sofa | rug

The shag rugs adds tons of texture to the space while also feeling good underfoot. We’re wondering if the lack of a coffee table is just an oversight or an intentional decision. Whichever the case may be, this space definitely needs one.

Next to the living room is the modern kitchen. He’s added some adjustable height stools to enjoy dining at the counter. You don’t need to waste money on a dining table when your kitchen is set up this way.

Bedroom 1

bed | nightstand | lamp | trunk

We really like what he’s done in the bedroom. The accent wall in bold orange looks great against the dark gray bedding. A trio of prints of depicting rail maps from large cities hangs over the bed and provides a fun, graphic look.

The view from the bed is really impressive. He has a large balcony outside to take full advantage of the expansive views.

Balcony 1

The outdoor space definitely makes us envious. The area can accommodate plenty of seating and the view, well, it speaks for itself.