Campaign vs. Burrow: Which Sofa is Right for You in 2021?

In this article, we’ll compare the furniture brands Campaign and Burrow to help you decide which sofa is best for you.

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Campaign and Burrow are two long-running furniture startups that aim to simplify your sofa shopping. Even in the best of times, shopping for a new sofa has never been an easy experience; so why not take advantage of all the tools online shopping offers instead?

Since these living room staples can take weeks to break in and get their full shape and texture, shopping for a sofa in a department store means that you’ll never get an accurate picture of whether a particular sofa is really comfortable for you. But what if you could shop for sofas entirely online — and get a generous break-in period to decide whether they’re right for you?

That’s what both of today’s featured brands offer through their websites, and why we’ll be comparing Campaign Vs. Burrow to decide which brand gives the better sofa deals.

Follow along as we compare and contrast Burrow and Campaign across a variety of categories, before giving our final judgment for which sofa company is better for you.

Campaign vs. Burrow

Price:$1,495 for their flagship sofa, $1,895 for a sectional$1,395 to $3,295 depending on size and materials
Product Selection:Sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chairs, ottomans, pillowsSofas, sectionals, armchairs, ottomans, tables, benches, storage, lighting, rugs
Shipping Cost:FreeFree
Shipping Times:1-2 weeks1-2 weeks
Years in Business:75
Headquarters:San Francisco, CA (USA)New York City, NY (USA)
Products Made In:Frames made in Alabama; Products ship from Tennessee.United States
Warranty:Lifetime warranty on frames; no warranty on covers, seat cushions, or back pillows1-year manufacturer’s warranty; optional 3 or 5 year extended warranties available for purchase
Customer Satisfaction:UnavailableUnavailable

About Campaign

Campaign prides itself on designing and producing furniture that moves with you, evolves with you, and will outlive you — or so their company literature says. A San Francisco Bay Area startup harkening back to 2013, Campaign was founded by a former Apple and Honda design engineer on a mission to make deliverable furniture that is beautiful, simple, and functional.

From the looks of it, Campaign have achieved their goals: Built around a steel frame designed to last over 100 years, their furniture is shipped in lay-flat boxes and can be assembled without the use of any tools.

Combine that with removable upholstery covers that allow for instant customization, and it’s easy to see why Campaign has made a name for itself in the home furnishings niche.

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Of the two companies, Campaign is more narrowly focused on providing sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans. They make up for this smaller selection, however, by providing exceptionally well-designed furniture that is easy to assemble, and backing it up with top-notch customer service.

Campaign Pros

  • Longest-lasting frames of any sofa we’ve ever seen
  • Easy to assemble, even without tools
  • Plenty of color and fabric customization options
  • 30 day in-home trial period

Campaign Cons

  • Smaller selection of sofa and loveseat styles
  • Steel frames are very heavy and could be tough for some people to assemble

Bottom Line: Campaign offers impeccably well-designed furniture that can be customized to fit any room, but their heavy duty steel frames may be difficult for some people to work with during assembly.

About Burrow

Designed to become “the luxury couch for real life”, Burrow has set out to produce direct-to-consumer furniture that is stylish and easy to assemble while remaining lightweight and durable. That’s quite the feat to pull off — but customers’ rave reviews for Burrow prove that it’s possible.

Named in 2018 as one of the 10 most innovative retail brands of the year by Fast Company, Burrow has since expanded their line of furnishings to include far more than just sofas.

If you’re looking to decorate your entire home, you’ll find great offerings for chairs, rugs, lighting, and storage accessories as well as sofas and loveseats.

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Burrow’s flagship sofa is just barely a savings compared to Campaign, but much more lightweight and easier for anyone to assemble. That said, the lack of a steel frame also means that Burrow’s sofas and chairs are less likely to stand the test of time when compared to Campaign.

Burrow Pros

  • Lightweight design and construction makes their sofas very easy to assemble
  • Extensive testing ensures that every couch is pet-friendly and stain-resistant
  • Wide selection of sofa and loveseat styles to match any room

Burrow Cons

  • Luxury materials can more than double the price of their sofas
  • Lightweight frames aren’t as long-lasting as Campaign’s steel structures

Bottom Line: Burrow offers a wide selection of versatile furniture that is easier to put together than Campaign, but may not last quite as long in comparison.

Which Sofa Is Better for You?

In the end, both Burrow and Campaign’s flagship sofas are so similarly priced that your decision will come down more to functional preference than budget considerations.

Campaign offers the most heavy-duty frame construction around, ensuring that your furniture will stand the test of time. However, they don’t offer nearly as many material or style choices compared to Burrow.

Burrow, on the other hand, has expanded their offerings to include a huge range of fabrics and materials, all in their signature lightweight and easy to assemble style. This comes at a cost of being slightly less durable than Campaign’s sofas, though, and choosing luxury materials can quickly double the price of their sofas.

In our honest opinion, both sofas are amazing — and we think you’d do well to choose Campaign if you’re looking for ultimate durability, and Burrow if you’re looking more for room-specific customization options.