Chevy Astro Van

Type: Vehicle // Location: Mobile // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

A luxurious, solar powered van apartment? Sign us up. We do have one question though… where’s the bathroom?


It looks like something straight out of our childhood fantasies with the stripes down the side and the rugged tires.


The inside has a wood frame upholstered couch that doubles as a bed. The upholstery is a solid neutral which makes the van look more spacious.

He’s added a wire hanging basket to the side of the kitchen area for extra storage. You have to get creative with your space planning when your house is on wheels.


The kitchen cabinetry is padded with the same fabric as the couch. See the little latch below the edge of the beam? That’s how he accesses the storage area.


The couch unfolds and rests on the wood beam to create a comfortable looking bed. There’s a fan in the corner because it’s essential to have good air circulation in a space this tight.


The passenger’s side chair swings around to face the bed and kitchen area. Even if you live in a van, it’s nice to have some extra seating.


We’re pretty sure he’s not cooking gourmet meals in here, but the basic kitchen still has a nice amount of prep space and running water.



A cutting board fits in the sink to expand the work area. It also comes in handy for keeping the stained counters from getting damaged when cutting up food.


He just moves it out of the way when he needs running water.


table top stove

We all know it’s dangerous to cook inside your vehicle, right? He’s wisely added a drop down area in the back door where he stores a small gas cooktop. This van is perfect for camping or living off the grid.