Chic Basement Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Niagara Falls, Canada // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

We did a double-take when we read that this is a basement apartment. It’s clean, contemporary and has a lot of natural light. The thought of living in a basement apartment certainly doesn’t make us think of those qualities.



Here’s a prime example of the natural light we mentioned.

We dig the contemporary aesthetic in here, but we’d love to see some more plants soaking up the sun in this bright, spacious living room.


floor lamp

The spotlight lamp pairs well with the contemporary sofa and makes the space feel comfortable and inviting.

This apartment has some quality furniture, and small accents like the colorful and geometric throw pillows make the place feel wholesome.


dining table | chairs

The kitchen and dining area match the contemporary design of the living room by sporting black and stainless steel appliances, bright light fixtures and clean lined cabinets and counters.

We love the look of the dining table and chairs, I think we may need to start doing some more shopping on Structube.


The credenza was a Goodwill find, and it was only $15. It’s a great reminder that you can buy things secondhand and breathe new life into them by adding a fresh coat of paint.

The tenant created a space with a great blend of tastefulness and functionality. Color us impressed.