Classy Boston One Bedroom

Type: Apartment // Location: Boston, Massachusetts // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This Boston apartment is one of the most stylish spaces we’ve come across. An eclectic collection of understated furnishings are mixed with an impressive art collection. Mix those two things with period architectural features and you’ve hit the design jackpot.



The living area features an ivory tufted sofa and leather Chesterfield chair. We like the addition of the reading lamp and plant to add some vertical interest to the room.

Large windows let in lots of natural light and he’s dressed them with some sheer white panels. The window treatments really soften the space and make it look more homey.


He’s also added some color with the geometric print pillow and glass vessels on the radiator.


bookshelf | desk

A modern white desk and chair are on the other side of the living room. The vintage typewriter is a nice touch and contrasts with the modern lines of the desk.

We’re big fans of the vintage art pieces he’s hung in here. They have lots of color and add to the whole eclectic vibe he’s got going on.


side table

A marble topped table serves as the bar area. There’s plenty of art both on the bar and above. We really like the addition of the flag over the table. It’s graphic and adds lots of texture.


Even the kitchen gives off a cool, eclectic vibe. He’s hung a large pegboard to the wall to hold utensils. This is a great idea for adding affordable storage space.

We’re liking the post card collection on the side of the fridge. It totally fits in with the look of his home.


He’s taken stylish living to the next level by removing a couple of the cabinet doors to give his kitchen a more custom look. Small changes like this can make a big impact in your rental and aren’t permanent.


Yeah, that’s a really nice view. He’s lucked out with that and with the large windows throughout the entire apartment, including his bedroom.


fruit print

He’s topped his dresser with a vintage looking print and plant. Is it just us or does this place have a serious Anthropologie vibe going for it?


bedthrowbust print

The bed is just as stylishly dressed as we’d expect by looking at the rest of the apartment. A set of white sheets with a navy blue band is paired with a plaid throw blanket. It’s not a fussy look, but it still adds lots of pattern–we like it.


soap dispensertoothbrush holder

The same touch of blue is in the bathroom, which features a clawfoot tub. Of course. This place is a great example of how to use vintage pieces to create a modern, masculine space.