Clean First Home

Type: House // Location: Phoenix, Arizona // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Buying your first home isn’t an easy decision. It can take a while to find the perfect place to meet your needs. We’d say this guy made an excellent purchase.


entertainment stand | TV | tripod lamp

All of the pieces in the living room are pretty simple on their own, but they come together to create an aesthetically pleasing, well-balanced look.

The snake plant is a nice touch. Houseplants usually add a lot of style to any room.


Crown molding can make it tricky to hang artwork along a staircase so he added a well placed print at the base of the stairs and left the rest of the wall bare. It adds to the clean, minimal look that the rest of the downstairs showcases.


table | modern chairs | cube organizer | otamatones

The simple table and chairs add plenty of style and sport a mid-century vibe without being gaudy while the small prints above the cube organizer keep the dining area from looking too plain.



He’s chosen wisely by going with a simple, white cube organizer. There’s really no doubt that cube organizers are an excellent way to store your vinyl collection.

All in all, he’s created a simple, functional living space. What more could one ask of a first home?