Clean Nashville Living Space

Type: Apartment // Location: Nashville, Tennessee // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

This apartment is surprisingly warm considering nearly all the furniture is new and mass-produced. It just goes to show that when you arrange your stuff nicely and add some plants and art, your place will look comfortable and inviting.


Large windows with black mullions add instant style, along with the hardwood floors. He’s clearly a master of space-planning, putting the desk against the wall behind the sofa to create an office space within the room.


If you’re concerned about putting holes in your walls, it’s always stylish to lean your art like he does here. The best part of displaying art this way is it’s easy to change around when the mood strikes.

He’s created a classic room arrangement anchored by the large sofa, rug, and coffee table. There’s no need to get creative when arranging your furniture. Stick to an “L” or “U” shaped arrangement and the room will look good.


He gets points for making an effort with the throw pillows, but could definitely do better with some new ones. The coffee table could use a little styling, as well. Books and a small plant are all you need to make your place look more lived-in.



Ahh, the forgotten corner of the living room. We all have one, so there’s no shame in it. All he needs is another chair to add some style, function, and help fill the space a bit.


We’re giving major bonus styling points for the desk vignette he created. Succulents, a stack of books, a picture frame–there’s even a terrarium.




The desk is a custom configuration of several ready-made pieces pushed together. There’s no need to limit yourself by the desks you see in the store. Add bookcases and shelving to create more space and function.


The bathroom is spacious and extremely clean considering the limited storage space in here. He’s added a graphic shower curtain to punch things up a bit.


He’s also added a pot of wheatgrass and a figurine to the top of the toilet. While we’re not sure about the practicality of that, we appreciate a man who takes the time to style a bathroom.