College Student Tiny House

Type: Tiny House // Location: Mobile // Source: TinyHouses


About this Place

This college student ditched the dorms and built himself a tiny house, supposedly so he could graduate debt-free. We’re pretty sure this house cost $20-30k to build, but hey, more power to you, bruh!


The good news is when he finishes school, he can take the house with him. Plus, he avoids the whole “packing up the dorm room” end of year issues.

The exterior has a cool mix of painted and stained siding. We like how he’s laid out the siding in opposite directions to make the simply shaped exterior more interesting.


table lamp | rug

The interior features built-in seating stained a dark walnut, which is a great contrast against the natural finish on the walls. He’s added a large assortment of pillows to bring some color and pattern to the bench.


bed | log pillow | hanging light

The lofted bed conserves tons of space, and the stairs to the loft serve double duty for extra storage and a desk area. He’s added a paper lantern to light up both the sleeping area and the kitchen below.

Since this is a tiny house, the kitchen is obviously going to be the essentials only. A sink, stove, and small refrigerator on the opposite wall are the only things that fit in this small space.



You can see how much storage and functionality are packed into the built-in stairs/desk unit. He’s using it for both work and a pantry. The simple chair can be tucked completely under the desk, freeing up precious floor space.


The bathroom is pretty swanky considering this is a DIY job. A stainless steel shower surround is much easier and cheaper to install than tile, plus it looks good and ties in with the kitchen.

The vessel sink sits atop a clean-lined vanity, showing how mixing styles and elements makes for a more interesting space.