Colorful German Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Germany // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This place is, well–freaking sweet. Here’s a guy who’s not afraid of color and has managed to fill a small space with lots of cool decor without making it feel cramped.


bed | nightstand | cabinet | shoe rack | hanger | backpack

The open living area is where he sleeps, relaxes, works, and dines, so it’s got a lot of functions that need to happen in a small space. He wisely chose an extra-long twin bed. Anything larger would’ve eaten up too much floor space.

The stylish glass-front storage cabinet holds both books and decorative objects. He’s added lots of vertical storage with hooks and a cubby on the wall above his shoe rack.


dining table | modern armchairs | sheepskin

We really like the colorful and eclectic dining space. He’s mixed the chair styles but added similar fur throws to each one. A trio of colorful prints brightens up the area, and we’re impressed with the extensive houseplant collection.


office chair | piano | modern lounge chair | modern chairs | speakers

The other end of the room holds an Eames lounge chair and an upright piano. He’s clearly got a handle on living in a small space–check out the extra dining chairs artfully suspended from the ceiling.

A large mirrored cabinet makes the room feel more open and provides a ton of storage.


This is one of the nicest outdoor spaces we’ve seen. He’s added some bamboo to cover the railing along with several window boxes. We’d spend most of our time outside if we had a space this nice.


He’s clearly got a greener thumb than most and has a potting bench to keep up with his growing collection.


He’s chosen plants that both look and smell good, like lavender and rosemary. The eclectic assortment of pots that house his plant collection adds to the colorful charm outdoors.