Colorful Office

Type: Office // Location: Unknown // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Here at Manored, we think an office is definitely of equal importance to the other rooms in your home. Everyone can benefit from having a stylish, comfortable and utilitarian place to get some work done.



A mostly green rug livens up the floor but avoids clashing with the neutral, grey carpet. It’s a nice touch, and this is indeed a colorful office. The room sports a vibrant palette of greens, blues, reds and a few colors in between.

Did you notice that the wood of the door, desk and chair legs are all similar? That probably wasn’t intentional, but it worked out nicely and adds a little more cohesiveness to the space.


office chair | speakers | keyboard (with custom key caps)

Seeing a split keyboard is rare, interesting and is supposedly a good option to reduce wrist strain. The colored key caps add to the vibrancy that the rest of the office displays.

A dual monitor display may look too busy for some people, but it’s an excellent option if you like the functionality of it. We like how he coordinated the desktop wallpapers.


paper flowers

Paper flowers are news to us, but we’d like to see them more often so long as they’re used tastefully like this.

Unique pieces of decor help make a space your own and can be an excellent conversation starter when you have company (even if the company is your coworkers).



Designing a room as an homage to a video game can easily be a disaster, but this gentleman pulled it off. He incorporated a lot of nontraditional decor and plenty of color without making the room too in-your-face.

Overall, he’s created a neat and functional office.