Compact Manhattan Studio

Type: Studio // Location: Manhattan, New York // Source: SmallHomes


About this Place

Manhattan is such a stylish place that even a microapartment can ignite a massive amount of envy. I think you’ll see what we mean after taking a look at this studio.


It’s an interesting layout, the hardwood floors are stunning and everything in here is super sleek. Yeah, we love this place.


And here comes the functionality…

A small but reasonably-sized table folds out of the wall. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the wine and cheese display, it’s really the perfect way to show just how useful a well-placed table can be.


The kitchen is near perfect. Plenty of light (including some from a relatively large window), a liberal amount of counter space and a sleek stainless steel stove with matching overhead shelving make this kitchen a hit in our book.

We’re guessing the cold storage appliances are under the counter. It may be a bit uncomfortable hunching over to grab a drink or snack from the fridge, so we suppose this place does have one con after all. If we sound like we’re nitpicking, we’re just jealous we can’t live here!


This studio is utilitarian in every aspect of the word. It just goes to show you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.

It was a good call of the designer to intuitively incorporate some shelving into the wall by the bed.


modern armchairs

It may be a slight hassle folding the bed out of the wall after a night out or a long day at work, but the ability to quickly clear out a hefty portion of floor space makes up for it. And who’s to say the bed needs to be folded up every morning? It looks presentable either way.


The utilitarianism continues in the office area where the bookshelf and cabinetry supply a generous amount of storage space while the fold-out desk offers a sufficient spot to get some work done.

Overall, this is a sweet pad. The blend of comfort and utilitarianism makes it one of the desirable microapartments we’ve seen.