Contemporary Seattle Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Seattle, Washington  // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

Here’s an awesome apartment located in metropolitan Seattle. It’s contemporary, bright and full of tasteful furniture and decor. Let’s take a look…


sofacoffee table

The sofa is great, and the geometric planters on the wall add a personal touch of style to the living area.

Speaking of planters, take note of the large, yet tasteful, plants in the room. They really liven up the place.





cat tower

If you have cats, you may as well add some furniture for them too. However, this is no ordinary cat tower, it’s much more sleek and contemporary than the typical carpet towers. It makes a fine addition to the space.


electric tea kettle | whale butter dish

The kitchen is pretty agreeable. It’s sleek and (like the rest of the apartment) contemporary. We would like to see some more color in here, though.

We like the personal items like the electric tea kettle and the whale butter dish. Small items like those can prevent a place from feeling too stale.


Here’s a room that has what we consider the most important quality for a bedroom… functionality. The tenants kept it simple by having a bed and a dresser and not much more. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Overall, there’s a heavy contemporary vibe that makes this a pretty sweet apartment.