Danish Student Flat

Type: Apartment // Location: Denmark // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

This flat blows 99% of “student housing” out of the water. While most (American) students are sharing a messy 12×15 foot box with two other dudes, this Danish university student is living it up in a colorful, modern pad – complete with professional grade coffeemakers.


The light knotty-pine floor is something you just don’t see in the average dorm room. It adds a ton of warmth and style to the room.

The white walls are the perfect backdrop for art, and this flat has just the right number of pieces to fill the walls but not overwhelm them.


sofa | coffee table | arm chair

We’re big fans of the eclectic floor collection going on in here. Wine bottles, skateboard, guitar, vintage trunks–they’ve got everything you need to have a good time.

The television is hung over the large skyline print, which helps it look less obvious than it would if it were hung directly on the white walls.


 desk | office chair

The desk area is stylishly back-lit and has a colorful print hung above it. While we’re not crazy about the print itself, we have to give credit for the great use of scale and color.


We can’t even with this doorway. The black brick and unusual shape add a ton of style to an already amazing space.

And see that huge white-board in the hallway? A genius idea for living with multiple people when you need to jot a quick note.


wall clock

This kitchen is way nicer than the dorm hotplates most of us are used to. Even though the kitchen’s footprint is small, it feels spacious because of the large windows and tall ceilings.


table | speakers

How amazing is that coffee bar? We’re envious of the professional-grade espresso machine. The utility cart holds all of the coffee essentials and some niceties, like the stack of reading material.

The large table is perfect for group meals and spreading out to study. And the graphic comic art is a fun punch of color in the all-white space.