The Best Design Within Reach Alternatives to Try in 2021

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Design Within Reach brand alternatives that you can shop at right now.

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Source: Herman Miller Group

Design Within Reach is a company that prides itself on offering furniture and home goods that inspire and solve problems — but for some people, the price and availability of DWR’s clean, simple, classic pieces presents a significant barrier.

If you’re looking to decorate your home with furnishings that feature Design Within Reach’s signature style, but don’t necessarily want to buy from DWR, you’re in luck: We’ve been scouring the internet to find the best Design Within Reach Alternatives in every category.

In the following guide, you’ll find seven excellent options that offer similar style across a wider range of budgets.

Just why is Design Within Reach so popular in the home goods market, though? Let’s learn a little bit about the company, so we can be better informed in our choices of alternative providers of home furnishings:

About Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach has become a mainstay in the home furnishings arena for good reason: Their combination of sleek, modern styling, comprehensive furnishings and decoration options, and affordable flat-rate shipping have made them a favorite of many amateur and professional interior designers.

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Source: Herman Miller Group

It’s no secret, though, that DWR’s prices and style can put them out of the reach or tastes of many homeowners. If you’re looking for something a little different, try out one of these seven Design Within Reach budget alternatives.

The Best Design Within Reach Alternatives

Here they are in no particular order…


Based in Los Angeles, Capsule brings a distinctly west coast style to homes everywhere via fair pricing on sleek and modern home furnishings. Built on a direct-to-consumer business model, their full line of furniture is available at prices that make it a great alternative to Design Within Reach.

Capsule is an especially good choice for anyone looking to furnish a small home or apartment, as their minimalist style is particularly well suited to making the most of any space. Check out their Pasadena Mid-Century Sofa for the best example of this cozy style.

All that said, Capsule does not offer a huge selection of furniture items. It may not be the best choice for people who are looking to furnish multiple rooms differently, or anyone with a very specific design aesthetic in mind.


A subsidiary of the online shopping giant Wayfair, AllModern falls somewhere between Wayfair’s casual offerings and DWR’s upper-end furnishings. Alongside a generous catalog of furniture, AllModern can also outfit your patio, bed, and bath in style.

Items like their Tallulah Daybed are great examples of AllModern’s casual-yet-classy style, all available at a price that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking to furnish an entire home or apartment, AllModern will let you do it in great style at budget prices.

With that in mind, most of AllModern’s furniture requires substantial construction akin to IKEA. If you’re not very handy with basic tools, it may be inconvenient to order lots of furniture from this retailer.


More affordable than Design Within Reach, yet not in the “value furniture” category, Article is a fantastic middle ground for people who want to get DWR style without their price tag.

Organized into aesthetically pleasing collections, Article makes it easy to follow their style guidelines in creating an impressive interior design for your home.

We’re huge fans of Article’s coffee tables in particular, thanks to their center-of-the-room style and surprisingly affordable price.

Their Vena Coffee Table features solid oak legs and a marbled top, and can be thoughtfully matched with five other pieces in the collection to instantly transform the design of any room in your house.

As awesome as Article’s items are, however, they’re not exactly cheap. While less expensive than Design Within Reach, Article may not appeal to all budget-conscious shoppers.

World Market

With a huge selection of items that encompasses furniture, home decor, kitchenware, food and drink, and clothing, we’ll forgive you if you don’t think of World Market when you’re furnishing your home.

But doing so would be a mistake — because this company actually goes to great lengths to recruit prominent designers for everything from their most basic housewares to full living room sets, and then sells it all at amazing prices.

For example, take their Emmett 3 Piece Modular Sofa: At less than $1000, it’s the most affordable modular sofa that we’ve seen with this quality of design and construction. And with locations all over the U.S. and affordable shipping options, World Market truly is available to anyone.

If you’re looking for completely unique items that none of your neighbors will have, World Market may not be your best choice. But to affordably and attractively furnish any room in your home, anywhere in the U.S., World Market is a great alternative to Design Within Reach.


Distinctly stylish, modern, and industrial, Horne is far from being a budget alternative to Design Within Reach. But if the home goods giant has disappointed you with the style and selection of their home furnishings, Horne should be next on your list to invest in.

Featuring only items attributed to famous designers, Horne is a luxury alternative to Design Within Reach that will delight interior design enthusiasts.

Search through Horne’s Outlet, Overstock, and Promotions sections to score a sweet deal on furniture you won’t find anywhere else, like their Innit Designs rocker chair.

While Horne definitely makes uniquely attractive home goods, their higher prices may price large items out of the budget of most amateur home designers. If you’re looking to splurge on fantastically designed furniture, though, Horne should be your first pick.

Urban Outfitters

Better known for their men’s and women’s clothing lines, Urban Outfitters also offers a surprisingly robust catalog of furniture and home goods — all at exceptionally reasonable prices, with a softer and comfier aesthetic than Design Within Reach.

We’re big fans of Urban Outfitters’ efforts to go green with sustainable, recycled, and eco-friendly furniture like the Piper Petite Recycled Leather Couch. Not only does this lower the total cost of high-quality furnishings, it ensures that your conscience is as clear as your credit card balance.

Of course, Urban Outfitters’ style may not be to everyone’s liking. They trend towards big, cushy items and softer, rounded lines — so minimalists and fans of refined aesthetics may need to look towards one of our other alternatives.

France & Son

The only Design Within Reach alternative on our list to also feature art and lighting choices, France & Son is an exceptionally stylish outlet that has deep choices for furnishing every room of your home.

France & Son’s storage items, such as the Sunburst Cabinet Nightstand pictured above are especially noteworthy. If their furniture catches your eye, be sure and look for coupons; France & Son often offers deep discounts on some of their most popular furnishings.

Given their high style aesthetic, however, France & Son may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you enjoy their style, though, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better deals for furniture of this quality anywhere else online.

Which Store Will You Choose?

Design Within Reach is far from being your only option for online furniture shopping, as these seven great alternatives definitely prove. Which store’s style do you think best fits the interior design you have in mind for your home or apartment?