Eclectic Chicago Loft

Type: Loft // Location: Chicago, Illinois // Source: Airbnb


About this Place

This Chicago loft mixes several different decor styles yet still manages to feel cohesive, thanks to the exposed brick walls and reclaimed wood found throughout the space.


side table | wall clock

The television is placed against one of the exposed brick walls and sits on a slab of wood set atop plumbing pipes. (You’d be amazed by the number of cool furniture pieces you can make with a few pieces of wood and pipes.)

There’s a large vintage-looking clock hung high on the wall and an old Singer sewing table. We’d ditch the smaller table with fake flowers and put a large plant on the sewing table instead.


sofa | rug

A black leather sofa sits opposite the television wall. Modern art pieces are hung above the sofa and add a punch of color to the otherwise neutral space.


Exposed ductwork adds to the industrial vibe. The reclaimed wood is carried over into the kitchen and on top of the radiator.

We especially like the unique barstools. They have an interesting shape and industrial look that ties in well with the loft’s architectural features.


The kitchen is white and bright, thanks to tons of windows and natural light. A mosaic glass backsplash in shades of gray ties in well with the ductwork reclaimed wood counters.


The kitchen has Shaker style cabinets, which is one of our favorite styles. They have a clean, timeless look that we appreciate.


gold picture frame

He’s added a hanging bar hook to the wall over the sink for some extra storage space.


bed | nightstands | lamps

The bedroom has gray and white bedding along with a colorful piece of modern art over the bed.


He’s gotten creative with the nightstands here and is using a pair of stepstools. We’ll give him a pass on this, since they technically have flat surfaces to rest a book on and hold a pair of clip-on lamps.


The bathroom is a compact space and combines the shower with the toilet and vanity area.


The tile floor and marble walls are nicely finished, but we’re betting he’d still prefer a separate shower space.