Eclectic Syracuse Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Syracuse, New York  // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

The fact that this industrial, open floor plan apartment with exposed brick is just $1,100/month makes us want to move to Syracuse ASAP. That’s a lot of bang for your real estate buck.


sofa | rug | office chair | lamp

High ceilings, exposed brick, huge windows, and hardwood floors–what’s not to like? He’s wisely taken the large, open space and created different zones.

There’s a small seating area tucked in the corner, a work area with a desk and shelves, and a living area that’s floating in the middle of the large space.


camera print

This is a great example of how to hang a gallery wall around a television. The arrangement has tons of movement, thanks to the creative layout and different frame sizes.

The plant in the corner is placed on a table which gives it some height and balances out the large camera print. The open media cabinet is nicely styled with books and some cool collectibles.


floor lamp

We like how he used this small chest of drawers and chrome floor lamp as a divider between the living and office areas.


hanging lamp

You can really get a good feel for how large the space is from the kitchen. The two large windows let in a ton of natural light, which is a huge plus in upstate New York during the winter.


The plain front cabinets and sleek hardware are a nice contrast to the exposed brick in the living room. There’s too much of a good thing going on above the cabinets. Less is definitely more when it comes to accessorizing your kitchen.


bed | nightstands

The bedroom has a transom window over the door which is a feature we don’t see too often. The bed is placed on the angled wall and has a large, muted canvas hung above it. We like the soothing color palette he chose for both the art and the bedding.



The retro dresser has an off-center mirror and a print with the same colors found in the art above the bed. It’s good looking and functional to keep a small tray on your dresser for holding your watch and wallet.