Fresh Chicago Apartment

Type: Bedroom // Location: Chicago, Illinois // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

It might be the exposed brick, or it might be the steely blue walls. Maybe it’s the raised ceilings. We’re not sure, but this apartment feels so fresh and manly at the same time.


modern rocking chair | bike hanger

We’re used to seeing impressive television set-ups in guys’ homes, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The wood media credenza is a nice contrast to the blue walls.

It’s a pleasant surprise to see a plant in here, and we like the brightly colored planter.


sofa | modern lounge chair | side table

The exposed brick wall is a great feature, and the windows let in a ton of natural light. The black leather furniture is practical and man-friendly.

We like the shag rug for its texture and how it pops against the dark furniture. It’s a smart move to think in terms of opposites when designing your space–dark furniture, light rug.

The artwork is a good starting point. We’d add in several more prints to make the arrangement more impactful. Some brighter pillows would help break up the dark leather sofa.

speakers | clock

We like to give credit where it’s due, and this guy nailed the television set up. Placing the tv off-center provides some visual interest and lets you add in some prints to make the tv wall less utilitarian.


The pressed tin ceiling tiles are a nice touch and add a whole lot of architectural interest.


The kitchen is your basic bare-bones white kitchen, but the natural light pouring in from the oversized window helps us overlook that.


A chalkboard wall is always fun no matter how old you are. Plus, it’s a handy place to write down your grocery lists.


The bedroom isn’t spacious, but it has an exposed brick wall for some style and enough room for the basics, like this simple chest of drawers.



This platform bed must be the universal favorite of men everywhere, because it keeps showing up. We get it–with the nightstands and bed combined into the bed frame, it’s a bedroom in a box.