German Attic Studio

Type: Studio // Location: Germany // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This thoughtful studio in Germany combines a good layout, a simple color palette, and sleek furnishings to make the space look much larger than it really is. Even the low, vaulted ceilings become a positive feature with some white paint.

kitchen 1

The kitchen features sleek white cabinetry and black countertops. Because the storage area is limited, he added a cool storage unit to hold food and small appliances that won’t fit on the counters. The large scale white tile backsplash bounces light around and helps expand the small space.

He’s kept the dining area just as clean with a simple white table and smoke acrylic dining chairs. The style of chairs and table echo the modern elements found throughout the rest of the studio.

bed 1

bed | cube organizerFender Stratocaster | Martin acoustic | Yamaha amp

This guy knows how to add lots of extra storage to his home. A long shelf unit along the wall holds tons of stuff, and the platform bed has large drawers for storing clothes.

Don’t neglect your vertical storage opportunities when your space is small. He’s hung his guitar collection on the wall, which both saves space and looks good.

studio 1

deskoffice chair

The work area is placed under the one traditional window in the studio, no doubt to take advantage of the natural light.

Streamlined is the name of the game in this area, too. There’s minimal clutter, thanks to a large covered storage tower and printer station with drawers.

living 1

chairs | coffee tableclothing rack

The living area is just as stylish as the rest of the space, even with the makeshift closet in the background. He used a bold patterned rug to anchor the seating area and chose a low-profile coffee table that’s as sleek as the kitchen cabinetry.

We like IKEA as much as the next guy, but it would be great if he’d get some new throw pillows from a different store to break things up a bit. It doesn’t all have to come from IKEA, guys.

living 2

entertainment center

The entertainment center is exactly what you’d expect to find in here. It’s simple, black, and tidy. We like how he’s added a small table to house the components that didn’t fit into the media credenza.

Not one to waste space, he’s even taken advantage of the storage space underneath the table to stash his bottled water.