14 IKEA Alternatives Every Man Should Know About

IKEA is the favorite go-to store of lots of men for good reason. The contemporary designs are good-looking and easy on the wallet, which is appealing when you’re young and starting out. We get it.

There are, however, numerous drawbacks to IKEA. The quality isn’t always the greatest, it’s a pain to put together, and it’s hard to feel like your place is on the cutting edge of design when it looks like every other guy apartment out there.

Let’s resolve to do better. We’ve rounded up 14 IKEA alternatives that are still easy on the wallet but offer loads more style.

#1: Article

This company was founded on the idea of cutting out the middleman and offering consumers direct access to modern furnishings.article-coffee-table-1

The selection is well-curated and affordably priced, meaning you can spend a little more than you would for IKEA but get something much more unique.

#2: Thrive

What do you get when you combine Mid Century modern design with a Los Angeles based design and manufacturing team? Thrive, a company dedicated to creating custom furniture that fits today’s modern aesthetic.


Are you incredibly picky about how you want things? This company can make design modifications for you.

Try doing that at IKEA. The customization comes at a cost, though–these aren’t IKEA prices by a long shot.

#3: TrueModern

Need a custom sofa in two weeks? TrueModern is the place to shop. Based in California, they can create your sofa in two weeks, guaranteed.


It takes almost as long to put together an IKEA sofa, so why not wait a little longer for a custom one?

#4: Joybird

This company believes in its products so much that they let you live with it for a year and send it back if you don’t love it.


Their focus is quality, well-priced Mid-Century pieces that are customizable.

#5: CB2

Think of CB2 as Crate and Barrel’s cooler, edgier sibling.


Focused completely on modern style, the furniture offered is fun, functional, and affordable.

#6: Blu Dot

Two recent graduates had a hard time finding affordable, modern pieces to furnish their first apartments, so they decided to start their own company.


The goal today is the same as when they founded Blu Dot–to bring good design to as many people as possible.

#7: AllModern

This online super-store makes modern furniture and accessories accessible to all. Delivery is offered to all 50 states and Canada, plus the selection is limitless.


It’s basically a one-stop shop for all your modern decorating needs.

#8: Muji

While you won’t find large furnishings here, you will find cool Japanese accessories and smaller furniture for the home. Their name means “no-brand quality goods”, so expect simple styling and functionality from their products.muji-table

#9: Dot & Bo

This company curates unique, modern pieces and the selection is constantly changing. euro-lamp

The prices are affordable and you can find furniture and accessories that look way more expensive than they actually are.

#10: Scandinavian Designs

A family business 52 years in the making, this store offers up a thoughtful collection of furniture and accessories in the Scandinavian tradition of quality, modern design.


They don’t offer shipping, so you’ll have to find a store near you to shop their products.

#11: Urban Outfitters

Like CB2, Urban Outfitters is a sister company of Anthropologie, the purveyor of all things that women love.


Don’t be scared away, though. UO offers decidedly masculine pieces at affordable price points. Check out the vinyl collection while you’re at it.

#12: Target

Well, we can’t claim that you’ll find one-of-a-kind pieces at Target, but you will find a constantly changing collection of well-priced modern furniture and accessories.dwell-lounge-chairThere’s a new collaboration with Dwell Magazine, so you can get a modern piece of furniture that’s in limited release for a song.

#13: Kardiel

For those of you with deeper pockets, check out this company that both manufactures and imports quality modern furniture and ships nationwide.

The pieces are created with high-quality materials, so you’re going to pay more, but we say go for it if you’ve got the cash.

#14: West Elm

This company, born in Brooklyn, is part of the Williams-Sonoma family of companies and offers the same quality you’d expect but with a modern style and more affordable prices.


They pride themselves on keeping 90% of their products designed in-house, meaning you can feel good that many pieces are ethically sourced and manufactured–style and substance.

We hope you’ll give some of these stores a try the next time you’re ready to buy furniture. Sure, you may miss the Swedish meatballs, but you’ll love the more adult and stylish look your place will have when you shop outside IKEA.