Intentional Male Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Unknown // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

This bedroom has serious style, thanks to a sophisticated color palette and some great hand-me-down pieces. The large windows and skylights don’t hurt the style-factor, either.

bed 1

bed | duvet cover | nightstands | Endless Summer print

He painted the walls a pale gray and inherited the retro print from a friend. The bed is an IKEA platform bed, which is a good-looking, budget-friendly choice.

bed 2

The nightstands were purchased for $15.00 at a friend’s garage sale. He just had to put a little elbow grease into cleaning and painting them.

bed 4


The mod plant stand is a DIY copy of a more expensive version. He also inherited those speakers from another friend, which makes us think we should consider upgrading our friends so we can inherit some Paradigm speakers.

He scored this small table on clearance and painted over the pink areas with white paint. The money tree is an easy to care for plant, and he found this one at Wal-Mart.

bed 3

side table | money tree

This artwork is a DIY version of a more expensive piece he liked a lot. We’re pretty impressed with this guy’s DIY abilities.

bed 5

The nightstand accessories are kept simple and monochromatic. An aloe plant adds a bit of texture and color.

bed 6

This cubby used to hold a lizard cage, but now he uses it to store his backpack and a cool sculpture.

bed 7

Edison Bulb lamp

A cage lamp holds an Edison bulb. We like the industrial look of Edison bulbs but have to tell you the light they put out is not the brightest. Use them when you want things to look cool, but don’t’ expect a ton of light.

bed 8

These skylights are right over the bed, which is great for stargazing, but not so great for sleeping in. The good news is there are window treatments designed for just for skylights.

Sure, they can get kind of pricey, but sleep’s a valuable thing.