Living in a Van

Type: Vehicle // Location: Mobile // Source: vandogtraveller


About This Place

A lot of us have known a guy who’s lived in a van at some point, and it isn’t typically associated with luxury. That’s where these guys changed the game. They’ve proved there’s no shame in dwelling in your sweet ride when it looks this good.


Wood paneling covers the entire inside of the van, which adds warmth and tons of texture to the space. They covered the ceiling with the paneling, too. This tricks the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it is.

The rear window lets in lots of light and they’ve added a couple of houseplants to soak it all up.


The paneled door conceals a small white bathroom, which also has a small window for light and ventilation.

The couch is also the bed, which is to be expected in a space this size. The kitchen is basic but efficient.


Stainless steel counters are easy to keep clean, and the black tile backsplash ties in with the cabinet hardware.


tea kettle

Sure, this isn’t the most glamorous kitchen we’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty nice considering the size limitations. The chalkboard panel for writing notes is a nice touch.



They’ve managed to fit in a small drop-down desk for a work area at the rear of the van next to the bathroom. The crate becomes a seat while working. When the work is done, the desk contents get packed inside the crate and stored away.


You have to get creative in small spaces, and the toilet seat was set on a slight angle to allow the door to close without smacking their knees.


In the rear is the gear, so to speak. They’ve painted the bathroom back panel with chalkboard paint and labeled the important parts of the van and supplies.