Low Budget Student Room

Type: Single Room // Location: Ghent, Belgium  // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

Here’s an example of what you can do with very little space and almost no money. This student created a functional, relatively attractive living space for himself, and we applaud him for that.

Living area 1

This small student living space has to function as a space to study, sleep, and relax in. The window lets in a ton of natural light and helps make the small space feel more expansive.

A simple desk gives him plenty of room to spread out, and the addition of multiple shelves above the desk holds his books and collection of glasses.

A plant and curtains help make the utilitarian space feel more welcoming. Being in a temporary living situation  doesn’t mean you should skip out on a few homey accessories.

Living area 4

The large graphic print helps fill the blank wall above the sofa. To make it look even more welcoming, he should add a few more prints. Affordable art is the easiest way to change up your space with minimal effort.

Living area 3

loveseat | brown loveseat | rug | side table | guitar

The simple sofas are arranged in an “L” shape, which is a good layout for creating the appearance of a separate living area. Since the bed is right behind the brown loveseat, the furniture arrangement gives the illusion of two distinct areas.

Living area 2

desk top with trestles

The desk is large enough to hold his laptop and dj equipment. He can up the style factor by swapping out the basic cardboard box with a wire basket to hold his records.

Bed area 2

Here’s the lofted sleeping area and small sink. It’s not fancy, but we have to give him credit for creating a distinct sleeping area in such tight quarters.

Living area 5

He’s even rigged up a basic closet with a rod and some rope–proof that you can make even the smallest of spaces more functional with a little ingenuity.

Bed area 1

We’re not saying we miss our college days, but this small space proves that you can still manage to have a place that’s welcoming and comfortable with a little creativity and effort.