Minimal Grad Student Rental

Type: Apartment // Location: New Haven, Connecticut // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

Yes, a pair of grad students live in this amazing apartment. Even more impressive is the fact that they did most of the work themselves. Design students, perhaps?

Living room

sofa | rug | chairs | blinds

The living room is a study in restrained, masculine elegance. The black and white color palette is accented with touches of green from several plants.

We appreciate the thoughtful furniture arrangement they’ve created. It’s perfect for conversation and entertaining. There’s a nice juxtaposition of light and heavy from the dark leather sofa against the glass table and metal chairs.

Living room 2

eyes print | g print

They’ve even thought about keeping the metallic finishes uniform. The tables and sofa base are all sleek chrome.


desk | prints

The office area is on the other side of the living room, so they wisely used the same neutral color scheme and modern style for the desk and chair.

Kitchen shelves

The kitchen is just as streamlined as the rest of the apartment. We love the steel and wood island in the middle of the space. Not only does it look good, it completely expands the usable counterspace and storage.

Bar shelves

shelves/brackets | lamp design/parts

The bar area has an industrial clip-on lamp for extra lighting. A moody portrait sits on the top shelf, which adds more drama to the space.

Kitchen sink

There’s a walk-in pantry with a large window that we’re incredibly envious of. The sink area has a simple subway tile backsplash, a classic material that will always be in style.

Breakfast nook

We love the built-in dining counter they created from basic plumbing materials and wood. This proves that you don’t need a ton of space to have an eat-in kitchen.

Dining room 1

There’s also a dedicated dining space with the same modern, neutral look found throughout the rest of the apartment.

Bedroom 3

mirror | wall light

Unique furnishings like a rattan poof and an extension wall lamp elevate the look of the simple bedroom.

Bedroom 1

bed | throw | ottoman

A large wall mirror expands the room and bounces light around. Extra texture is found in the fur throw rug and fringe blanket.

Bathroom sink

The bathroom has a small vanity with leather cabinet pulls. A wooden floating shelf provides much needed storage space.


storage shelves

They’ve upped the style factor by painting the ceiling black. Not only does this add serious drama, it also expands the ceiling making the small room feel more spacious.