Minimal Male Bedroom

Type: Single Room // Location: Unknown // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

Simple doesn’t have to be boring. This bedroom is a great example of minimal, intentional decor. It’s small, clean and tasteful. Notice the power of one bold accent color against a neutral backdrop?

Love it.


bed | comforter and duvet cover

Well, it would’ve been nicer if he’d made the bed first, but you get the idea. When you keep the colors and pattern in your furnishings to a minimum, any color and pattern that you do add become so much more impactful.

The Scandinavian nightstand and dresser are gorgeous and don’t need much in the way of accessories. A few books and plant are all he added to keep the minimalist vibe going.


The room clearly has lots of natural light thanks to the two large windows on either side of the bed.


A pair of wall-mounted lamps provide reading light at night. Plus, they look really cool. The fabric cord adds a punch of color and the wood brackets have a sculptural feel.


When you have exposed bulbs like this, make sure they look good. Edison bulbs or round bulbs are both good options and are now easy to find at your local hardware store.


In addition to being ridiculously attractive, the nightstand is also incredibly functional. It has a large storage area with a drop-down front and a large shelf area for stashing glasses and water.



The dresser is well-styled and we’re happy to see the addition of not one but two plants. A large mirror over the dresser expands the room and bounces light around.



He kept the accessories to a minimum with a small collection of books and a figure sculpture. The clean lines of the dresser look best with fewer accessories.



A cool retro alarm clock has large numbers that are easy to read at night and don’t emit the weird blue light that most other alarm clocks put out.


A vintage camera print continues the clean look and color palette on the wall opposite the bed.