Industrial Los Angeles Condo

Type: Condo // Location: Los Angeles, California  // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

High end furniture, hardwood floors, and lots of natural light fill this impressive LA condo. We wouldn’t believe you if you said you didn’t feel like a king relaxing in the Eames recliner with a view of downtown.


entertainment center | cupcake print

There’s an exposed brick wall and one of the nicest sectionals we’ve seen. The fabric looks like tweed to us, which is always a solid choice for both looks and durability.

Above the television is a large panoramic skyline print that pulls your eye up and makes the tv less of the focus in the space.



The bar set up is quite impressive and looks like it was meant for that alcove. The wood is similar in style and finish to the coffee table and the dining set, as well.



The windows in the condo are beyond impressive, let in tons of light, and give the space panoramic views from nearly every angle.


modern lounge chair | bookcase

Here’s that Eames lounger we mentioned, along with the amazing views. An industrial bookcase is tucked behind the chair in case he wants to grab a book before sitting down.


The same industrial shelving works just as well in the kitchen to house spices and kitchen tools.


bar stools

The cabinetry is sleek and minimalist, and pairs well with the commercial style countertops. He’s lucky to have a ton of storage along with an island in here.


desk | office chair | print

The office space is tucked into the corner of a spare bedroom. The pieces are similar to the ones in the living area and have an industrial look.

Since the desk lacks drawers, he decided to use a small table next to the desk for additional storage.


sofa | prints

This guy clearly has great taste in furniture, because that is one seriously nice sofa. A trio of prints hung above add some color to the space.


We’re used to seeing platform beds around here, so it’s a nice departure to find this Parsons style canopy bed. A canopy bed brings to mind little girl rooms, but here’s proof that the right style works for grown men, too.

He kept things super-masculine with charcoal walls and crisp, striped bedding.


The bathroom features a large tub shower combo encased in white subway tile. This classic material always looks clean and fresh.