Neat Bachelor Office

Type: Single Room // Location: Seattle, Washington // Source: malelivingspace

About this Place

Eames style chair? Check. Standing desk? Check. Road bike? Check. Bar? Check. This office/living room has everything a man needs to get sh** done, stay in shape, and relax at the end of a long day.

Clearly this guy isn’t into lounging for hours at a time, so there’s no sofa taking up floor space. A standing desk increases productivity and is much better for you than slumping in an office chair.

Manly office living room

modern lounge chairdesk (with custom top) | standing mat | office chair | bar cart | calendar | bike | bike trainer

He’s added a rolling utility cart that functions as both a bar and a convenient storage spot. We like how he coordinated the colors in the print with the cart.

Large windows let in tons of natural light, which we’re guessing is a big priority for this guy. When the weather isn’t great (which happens in Seattle), he’s got a bike trainer that lets him ride indoors.