Neutral Colors Apartment

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About this Place

We have to applaud this young man for his taste in furniture and decor. This small, cozy space is substantially more put together and intentional than our first apartment.

Living room 3

sofa | floor lamp

He took his time over the course of a year and spent around $1,000.00 and we’re quite impressed with the results. The living room sofa was a big-box retailer purchase and fits the space well.

An Eames-style rocking chair adds extra seating, and he added a couple of ottomans for putting his feet up. The coffee table is quite stylish but needs to be moved in front of the sofa. It looks a little lost floating in the middle of the room.

Living room 2

modern rocking chair | pouf

We appreciate the minimalist vibe he’s going for, but this room could benefit from some plant life and a large print over the sofa. The deer is cool and all, but the wall is way to big for a piece that small.

Living room 4

coffee table | rug | entertainment center

A shag rug adds some texture to the room. He’s added a simple television base from IKEA to hold his generously-sized television. We like the large vase on the floor–it’s a fun, unexpected addition to the room.

Living room 6

Near the kitchen is where he’s added his office space, which features a glass and chrome desk along with an acrylic Eames-style chair. Picking acrylic pieces keeps your space from looking visually cluttered.

Bedroom 3

desk | modern chair | rug

Underneath the desk is a fur throw rug that looks like it would feel great underfoot. This area could also benefit from some artwork–it’s a little sparse on the color. But there is a popcorn machine, which is always a good idea.

Bedroom 1

desk | modern rocking chair

This guy must really love working, because he added a second desk in his bedroom. The desk sits in front of some graphic wall decals. They add lots of pattern and can be removed easily when it’s time to move.

Bedroom 2

bed | rug

The bed is simply dressed in white linens for a clean look. We like the texture the ottoman adds, but would love to see him add a nightstand with a solid top so he could put a lamp on it. Overall, though, he did a great job for his first effort decorating.