Oddly Shaped Corner Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Antwerp, Belgium // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

In our opinion, the lack of color works very well for this modern, yet homey Belgian apartment. When a space is almost entirely white, it makes the addition of color that much more bold.


sofa | coffee table | rug

A charcoal gray sofa anchors the large living space and provides a neutral base that makes the pops of orange really stand out.

The white shag rug adds softness underfoot as well as bringing a different texture to all the smooth surfaces in the room. We like the hexagonal coffee table, too. The shape is unique and one we don’t see too often.


entertainment center

The television sits on top of a small media cabinet. An assortment of plants adds color to the area and makes it feel more homey.


dining table | modern chairs | armchair

Tucked behind the sofa is a small dining table that seats four. The dining furniture is clean-lined like the rest of the furnishings in the apartment.


giraffe sculpture

Personal touches like this wooden giraffe sculpture add interest and warmth to the space. It’s important to add some objects to your home that have personal meaning. You don’t want everything to be purchased from a big-box store.


Artfully styled bookcases provide another punch of color. He’s done a good job of mixing in books with decorative objects without making it look cluttered.


bar | terrarium

A storage cabinet like the one here is an essential, extraordinarily functional piece of furniture. You can use it as a bar, for additional storage, as a dining buffet, or as a media credenza. You basically can’t go wrong with one of these.



The wardrobe system in the bedroom is really unique. We like the whole “clothes in a cage” vibe he’s got going on.

White linens are always a smart choice because they brighten the space and give off a clean and fresh feeling.

nightstand | world map prints

The white platform bed is minimalism at its finest. A trio of small maps over the bed are marked with the places he’s traveled, adding a nice personal touch to the otherwise sterile space.