One Bedroom Los Angeles Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Los Angeles, CA // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

This is what happens when a guy with impeccable taste moves in with his girlfriend, who has equally impeccable taste.

As one Redditor said: “It looks like Pinterest and Anthropologie made sweet, sweet love in every room of your house.”


Living room 1

sofa | rug | zig zag pillow | heart pillow | black & white triangle pillow

The sofa is layered with multiple patterned pillows and a fringe throw. Mixing patterns is simple when you keep them all in the same color family or stick to similar patterns like they did here. The pillows all have strong geometric patterns.

The room gets a big jolt of color from the flat weave rug. Tribal patterns are a great choice because they blend well with transitional and modern styles.

Living room 4

coffee table

We love the display coffee table with hairpin legs. They’ve got an impressive collection of Gameboys and vintage cameras, and the table is the perfect way to show them off safely.

Living room 6

shoe rack | cabinet

Shoes are kept tidy with the wooden shoe rack and they’ve added extra storage with a white locker console. We’ve seen this piece in lots of homes and with good reason–it’s stylish, blends well with lots of different styles and holds lots of stuff.

Living room 2

cabinet | ladder shelf

They’ve even got an extra one that serves as their media stand. A ladder shelf acts as a room divider and handy place to stash books and some decorative objects.

We’re a little bummed that the fireplace is lost next to the television. Since this is an apartment, they might not want to make permanent changes, but a lightweight mantle could easily be removed when it’s time to move.

Living room 8

modern chair | world map print

What’s the easiest way to decorate and make it look good? Mix textures and shapes like they did in this seating area. The round poof has a nubby texture that plays well against the smooth table and chair.

Living room 10


A large shelf next to the seating area holds books and more decorative objects. While we love the personal touches and the warmth it brings to the space, the shelf could use a bit of editing to make it look cleaner and less cluttered.

Living room 11

desk | sheep skin

A small desk rounds out the living area. Placing your work station in an area without a view and distractions is a great idea for actually getting some work done.

Kitchen 1

Rental kitchens tend not to be the most exciting spaces, and this one is no exception. Since counter space is at a premium, we’d hang an under-cabinet paper towel holder and move the drying rack off the counter.

Bedroom 1

bed | nightstands | lamp | modern chair | Los Angeles print

The bedroom is light and bright thanks to two large windows. We’re always fans of white bedding and like how they’ve brought in some pattern with the bed scarf and quilted pillow.

Balcony 1


A small outdoor space overlooks the nearby roofs. Not the prettiest of views, but outdoor space is always a good thing.