Refined Undergrad Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Ottawa, Canada // Source: malelivingspace



About This Place

A guy and his girlfriend moved into this apartment and are making it into a home they can both be proud of. Did we mention they’re both students? And how come our college digs looked nothing remotely like this place?


floor lamp

Check out the closet door–that’s something you don’t see everyday. The original wood floors, white walls, and detailed moulding make for a really nice space.

They’ve combined furnishings and clearly they’re both into neutrals and comfort. The large floor lamp is a statement piece along with the distressed coffee table.

Even though each piece in here is a different style, it all works together because of the the neutral colors and proper use of scale.


entertainment centerturntable | desk lamp

A corner desk takes advantage of the natural light from the window. The media console is black, keeping the neutral theme going.


The kitchen is small but they still managed to fit in a corner table that seats three. The small shelf above holds glassware and wine. A framed chalkboard is the perfect spot to leave a quick note or jot down a grocery list.


bed | floor lamp

French doors lead to the bedroom, which also has gorgeous windows and tons of natural light. They’re currently rocking the mattress-on-the-floor look. We think a simple platform bed would fit in nicely with the rest of their decor.


snake plant

The bedroom has a small chest of drawers with a thoughtful gallery wall over it. We like how they’ve really committed to the neutral-color thing, even in the artwork.

The snake plant in the corner is one of the easiest plants to care for and works in just about any lighting situation.


The bathroom also has a nice window and high ceilings, making it feel more spacious than it really is. A small cabinet for storage would be a welcome addition to the space.