Natural, Rustic Parisian Apartment

Type: Apartment // Location: Paris, France // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

There’s something very cozy about this natural, rustic, mostly neutral Paris apartment. We counted at least 15 houseplants placed strategically throughout the home. Can you spot them all?


loveseat | hanging light | rug | armchair | floor lamp

Why does everything look better in Paris? The eclectic furnishings look like they’ve been there forever, thanks to the mouldings and built-in corner cabinet.

Even though the styles aren’t the same, the neutral colors of the furniture and accessories tie everything together.


modern chairs

This is an affordable way to add a ton of storage and work space. A simple shelving track system and inexpensive wood hold a ton of books and accessories.

The desk was made with a pair of sawhorses and a table in the middle, so no construction was necessary.

A pair of white Eames chairs are a nice contrast to the leather and wood in the living area. Plus, they’re really comfortable in addition to being stylish.


We like how he kept the labor to an absolute minimum by keeping the wood bare. The knots give the pine some character.


He’s done a good job of styling the shelves. A few plants, prints, books, and sewing machine keep clutter to a minimum but still look interesting.


The workstation goes all the way to the edge of the wall. The white clip-on lamps are an easy way to add light exactly where you need it. He wisely added one to each end of the shelving unit.


shelves (handmade)

Are you sold on houseplants yet? They add color, pattern, and texture while making your air a little cleaner. This collection is comprised of low-maintenance plants, perfect for those of you who forget to water.


bike holder (handmade)

Let’s sing the praises of vertical storage yet again. This DIY bike rack frees up floor space while looking extremely cool. There’s now room to rest a print on the floor and add another plant to the mix.