Small, Colorful Brooklyn Bedroom

Type: Bedroom // Location: Brooklyn, New York // Source: malelivingspace


About This Place

This is what happens when one man with impeccably good taste rents a room in a Brooklyn group house. Yes, it’s small, but the arrangement and colors are perfect.

Well played, you hip bastard. Well played.


sofa | coffee table

The exposed brick wall definitely ups the style factor in here. He selected a compact sofa for the small space, which was a smart move. The Native American blanket brings in some more pattern.

He’s got coffee table styling down to an art–not too much, and he’s still got room to set down his craft beer. The brass duck (vintage, no doubt) adds a bit of whimsy to the table arrangement.

We’re impressed with the plant stand in the window, too. The plant provides vertical interest and now gets the light it needs.


The eclectic print collection adds lots of color the room. The minimalist clock is the perfect way to balance out the colors and texture of the wall.


A well-placed reading lamp in brass shows he knows how to mix in different materials. Don’t forget about lamps, guys–they’re important.


We should’ve known there wouldn’t be a monster-sized television in his living space. He’s got another wall of exposed brick (really?!) and added a dresser for additional storage.


record shelf | wall clock

The small bookcase helps hold more stuff and points for him using baskets and trays to hold it all together in style.


We did say it’s a bedroom, remember? He’s got his bed placed against the other exposed brick wall. The giant map print helps connect the sleeping area with the living area.


A collection of four prints above the bed add some color to the neutral bedding. And check out the cool wall-mounted reading lamp.



Rounding out his sleeping area is a tulip nightstand and some vintage snowshoes. Of course. We’d happily live in one room if ours looked like this.