Spacious, Masculine Living Space

Type: Condo // Location: The Netherlands // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This place was purchased and redecorated by a Dutch couple (an art director and process engineer, to be specific). For about 250k Euros, it’s not too shabby!

Living room

The large, open living area features warm hardwood floors, which look striking against the dark gray accent wall. A gray linen sectional fills up the space and floats over a plush shag rug.

Living room 2


We like the addition of the two prints over the television. It’s nice to have something on the wall the look at when you’re not watching television.

The unusual floor lamp is made from branches, which brings an organic element to the space. They continued the organic theme throughout the home with wooden objects and a soothing color palette.

Sitting are

love seat | entertainment stand | speakers

Instead of using this space as a dining area, the owners decided to create a second seating area, perhaps as a quiet spot to work. The expanse of curtains helps control the light and makes the room feel warm.

The low-profile credenza looks a little empty without anything above it. We’d hang a large piece of art to fill in the blank space.


Behind the sectional is this gorgeous piano and pedestal with an oversized urn. The urn is something we don’t see everyday but we like it–it’s dramatic and unique, which should be the goal for your home accessories in a minimalist space like this one.


pendant lights

The bedroom features the same charcoal accent wall in the living area, which helps tie the spaces together. Continuing paint colors and design elements from one area to another makes your home look pulled together and well thought-out.

The white bedding is the perfect neutral backdrop and allows the unique accessories to shine. The antlers over the bed are more interesting and textural than a print would be, and the large grapewood branches draw your eyes upward.