Surfer Bachelor Pad

Type: Apartment // Location: California // Source: malelivingspace


About this Place

This Atlanta-born surfer decided to move out to California, we assume to catch some tasty waves. It’s no secret that California is a pricey place to live, but we think this guy did a great job outfitting his humble apartment to fit his lifestyle.


sofa | coffee table | rugbike rack

Obviously storage is at a premium, so he hung his bikes on wall-mounted racks made of wood. When dealing with a small space, think vertically for adding extra storage space.

We’re big fans of the Moroccan shag rug and hairpin coffee table. An area rug can add a ton of pattern to a space when you don’t have room for artwork.


Atlanta print | floor lamp

A utilitarian shelf made of metal and wood holds his record player and collection. In a nod to his old and new hometowns, he’s hung up maps of Atlanta and California.

We’d love to see a closed credenza in here. When dealing with a compact space, closed storage makes for a cleaner look.



A shelf unit helps divide the kitchen and living areas and gives him some more places to stash his collections and magazines.

We’re giving an “A” for effort for his gallery wall, but the smaller pictures would be more impactful if he clustered them closer together.

When creating a gallery wall, it’s helpful to arrange your pieces on the floor before hanging them so you know how it’s going to look.


desk | office chair | rug

Propping your surfboard right next to your desk might not be the smartest move, since it’s a constant reminder that the waves outside are beckoning.

At least he’s got a tidy workspace to keep him motivated, and we love the tribal rug under the clean-lined leather and chrome office chair.


bench | mirror | coat rack

The bedroom is where he stores his wetsuit. You don’t need much to create a dressing area–a small bench to sit on, some hooks and a mirror are all you need to make a functional space.