Tiny Boston Studio

Type: Studio // Location: Boston, Massachusetts  // Source: AmateurRoomPorn


About this Place

This old Boston studio may be small, but its artist tenant has managed to make it cozy, functional and aesthetically pleasing. We especially like the shelf divider, houseplants and original wall art.


The green sofa is such a fun departure from the brown and black we’re used to seeing everyday. There’s no rule that says you can’t have a little fun with the color of your sofa.

To keep things from looking too techinicolor, he grounded the room with a gray rug and simple hairpin coffee table.


loveseat | rug | coffee table

The large open shelving unit acts as a room divider and is a great idea for adding extra storage while still having the room feel open. There’s plenty of room for books and accessories.

The fabric-wrapped canvas is a great way to add large-scale art to your place on the cheap. Find some fabric you like, staple it to a canvas, hang it, and sit back to admire your ingenuity.



The desk brings in some more color with bright blue legs. The gallery wall above has touches of the same blue, which keeps the desk from looking out of place.

We like the tight arrangement he created with the prints, since more artwork can be added as his collection grows.


Behind the open shelving is the bedroom area. The trio of windows let in a ton of natural light and are the perfect spot for an extensive plant collection.

White curtain sheers add a little softness, but the privacy and light control come from some basic mini-blinds. They aren’t the prettiest things, but they work.


Two brightly colored prints hang above the bed. He’s hung them in a diagonal arrangement, which is great when you’re trying to fill up more wall space with smaller pieces of art.


The simple platform bed ties in nicely with the clean lines of the shelving unit. The plain bedding adds some calmness to an otherwise bright and colorful area.


bed | shelf

There’s a tiny table tucked in the corner for a simple night stand. There’s no rule saying you have to buy a traditional nightstand. Anything that can hold a book next to your bed will work.


The dining area is small but bright. He’s added a unique print to the space along with a thriving houseplant. The table also does double duty as a bar. When space is at a premium, having furniture that can serve multiple functions is a necessity.



Trays keep everything organized in style and makes clearing off the table for eating a simple task. It’s a smart idea to keep a few trays handy for entertaining and organizing.